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December 20, 2013

2013 Gift Guide for Breaking Bad Fans

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When Breaking Bad first aired several years ago, I didn't think it was the show for me. A chem teacher? Turned drug maker?


Then the years passed. And the fan base grew. And soon the final season began. I found many of my friends were big fans, and as the series finale grew closer, I knew I was missing out on something big. So a few days before the series finale aired, I decided to start at Season 1, episode 1 thanks to Netflix.


I was hooked from the first episode and I spent several days hitting myself over the head for not getting into Breaking Bad sooner. I couldn't watch episodes fast enough. I watched the clock until the kiddos were in bed and zipped through as many episodes as time and space would allow (read: two or three). Around the same time my friend, Becky, of Crafty Garden Mama also started the series. So we would chat and agonize and generally taunt whoever was furthest behind.

Riveted. I was riveted to the television, episode after episode. Finally, the 6th season was upon me and Netflix only had the first half. GAH!  So I, of course, bought the final episodes off of amazon.  And the ending was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

So, with Breaking Bad fresh on my mind, I figured there might be a few more committed fans out there who would appreciate true gifts from the heart. Gifts that only Breaking Bad fans could embrace and adore.

Rock Candy Crystal Growing Kit

I know my readers aren't really into meth.  But we are into candy, and rock candy is the perfect less-lethal sugary substitute! So, please. Don't make meth. But if you decide to get into the rock candy business, be sure to send me a barrel.

Heisenberg Fedora

It worked for Walt, right?

Call Bell

For some, it is the best means of communication.

Round Bottom Florence Boiling Flask

Just in case you need to…boil…something

Or make the coolest snow globe EVER.

Hello Kitty cell phone case

Impress your friends with the cell phone case gifted by a smarmy lawyer named Saul. And I won't tell if you are actually a HK fan...


If it was capable enough to clean Jesse's rave-stricken party house, it's good enough for your home.

Rocks and Minerals Collection

Hank became quite enamored with collecting rocks…er…minerals…er…gems…. 

Either way, you should brush up on your gemology, because Hank Schrader is a man to impress.

Periodic Table of Elements Poster

While it's important to know your elements, it's more important to be able to make your initials with the proper elemental abbreviations.

Door Knocker

So that everyone knows YOU ARE the one who KNOCKS.

Citizen Brick Super Lab Lego Set

Go big or go home, right? If you're going to be the ultimate Breaking Bad fan, you need to be able to build the Fring Laundry Facility Super Lab in your own home. With legos.


Ok, Ultimate Breaking Bad fans!  

What would YOU add to the Epic Breaking Bad Gift Guide?

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