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December 21, 2013

Virtual Ugly Sweater Party 2013 #CSHMUglySweaterJam

That's right people.

It's about to get all kinds of ugly up in hrrrrrrrr.

For a little holiday hoopla, I am hosting a VIRTUAL Ugly Sweater Party. On MONDAY (the 23rd. As in, a day and a half from NOW) starting at 9am, I am asking you share your best Ugly Holiday Sweater Pictures.

I'm like a NINJA in an Ugly Christmas Sweater, yo.

Whether you own one, create one by hanging ornaments off hooks from your have Gap sweater or steal it off Grandma, I WANT TO SEE YOUR BEST UGLY SWEATER PICS.

Head to the CSHM Facebook Page and post it on the wall (or in a message). Tweet it. Instagram it. Make sure to tag @DonnaReedSteph and in all shares use hashtag  #CSHMUglySweaterJam.

Don't have an Ugly Holiday Sweater?

No problem!

Upload a picture of yourself to the Goodwill Sweater Yourself Facebook App to create a picture that you can share! 

SweaterYourself App ROCKS MY SOCKS.


I want to see who can come up with the ugliest, zaniest most hilarious picture!

The fun starts MONDAY at 9am! 

Share away!


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