Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom: Recipe Index

Recipe Index

A Note From Steph:

Here is my philosophy on recipes: most recipes are tried and true, having been passed down over the years.  Sometimes they are tweaked, an ingredient or two added or taken away.  But, much like Jungian archetypes, most recipes have already been created. I'd venture to say that even a newly-written recipe is really some old recipe redone and renovated.  Even if they are slightly different, I've observed that many recipes start with a "recipe base," and are built from there.  

While there are a population of people who can breathe new life into cooking, I am not one of them.  I love cooking, but it is rare that I just dream up something new.  So I spend my culinary energy researching and gathering as many tried and true recipes I can find: on the internet, in the gagillion cookbooks I own, in food magazines and those passed along from friends, family and blog readers. I like to keep a solid collection of family-friendly recipes on hand that are QUICK, SIMPLE and TASTY.  Sure, there are a few complicated gourmet-type recipes in the mix, but most are quick and easy. Any recipe I've posted on this blog is properly cited, if I've received it from a specific source.  

Now you can find every recipe below!  Much like a cookbook, I've separated the recipes into categories.  Each is listed by name, and linked to the corresponding post.  I hope this system makes it easier to find the recipes you love and to try new recipes you've never before tasted!

All SLOW COOKER recipes are denoted by (SC).



The Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom 
Recipe Index


Appetizers and Sides

Salads, Soups and Stews


Soups and Stews:

Main Meal: Poultry and Pork




Main Meal: Beef

Main Meal: Pasta/Meatless


Main Meal: Seafood

Main Meal: Breakfast

Tasty Treats/Desserts


Cookout/Special Occasion Menus
Cookout Menus:

Labor Day

Special Occasion Menus:

New Years Eve Menu

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