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May 6, 2014

Great Gifts for Moms Who Run

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Every mom has a different set of interests. Some love cooking, some are into gardening, others are gamers. As we get to gift-giving holidays, honing in on those interests helps us decide on the perfect gift to give the moms we love.  Often, when asked what kind of gifts I want or need, I am stuck on how to answer. Usually, I am in need of nothing or don't want anything in particular.

But then I started running.

It's the first time in a long time that I've been so immersed in one particular hobby. With running, I've been opened to a whole new world of gadgets, do-dads, resources and fun toys that are now on my "Wish List" for every holiday, birthday and anniversary. 

It's great, because they are all things that I can live without, but would enhance my running hobby should I receive as a gift. Now, when Hubby interrogates me for the perfect gift idea, I have a few running-themed gift ideas on stand-by!  

With Mother's Day just days away, it's time to hunker down and come up with the perfect gifts for the Moms in your life. Do you have any Runner Moms to buy for? Incase you need some ideas, here are a few things on my Runner's Wish List:

PureGear Phone Sport Accessories

Ever since I upgraded to an iPhone, my life hasn't been the same.  I love using the Nike Running app, as it helps me track my weekly and monthly mileage as well as my pace and distance per run. But taking my phone on runs means I need to make sure it is protected. I'm a very big fan of PureGear, and I swear by their every day cases. The fact that my phone isn't banged up and bruised from the abuse it takes from me on a daily basis is proof enough that their cases are made tough!  

PureGear has recently come out with a fantastic line of sports gear for phones, and I couldn't be more impressed. The PureGear Sports Armband W/Dry+Flex for iPhone 5/5S/5C is an optimal solution for having your phone on runs but keeping you hands free. The armband keeps phones accessible, firmly attached, and moisture free for fitness-loving moms.

But what about when it rains? I used to envy runners who hit the pavement even when it's wet. But with PureGear's DualTek XT Extreme Terrain Case, I'm set. This phone case is weatherproof and has the best shockproof protection to prevent damage from drops of up to six feet. So it’s perfect both for long runs (rain or sun) or just every day life with (grabby and grubby) kids!

Knock Out! Smart Panties

Maybe it's a bit cheeky to ask for undergarments for Mother's Day. But when you come across undergarments that were made to withstand a workout and still look pretty? How can you not want some? Angela, the creator and CEO of Knock Out! Smart Panties, was on a mission to find quality (and let's admit it: attractive) undergarments that had high tech functionality. When she couldn't find what she was looking for, Angela went out and created them herself!

I love that Knock Out! Smart Panties are made for every women: stay-at-home moms, marathon runners, working women. Whatever the activity, these garments use patented technology to protect from wetness and odor (as a runner, I can't tell you how important this is). They are thin and comfortable, and completely dye-free. Also? They are made in America, which is something I can get behind!

Their No Sweat Sports Bra is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  Hold shape, gives great support and wicks sweat like you wouldn't believe. Seriously - check it out!


The worst is setting out for a run and having no place to put keys, gloves, money, etc. My friend Jamie introduced me to the SPIbelt , and I LOVE it. So let's be real: it's a sleek fanny pack. And I'm okay with that. It's easy to put on, sits tight against the body, and is a protection against the elements. Also, when you're running in town and want to grab a muffin when you're done, you've got cash on hand that ISN'T drenched in sweat from being shoved in your sports bra.

What? No one else does this?!

Nathan SpeedDraw Water Bottle

Since writing this post originally, I've conquered some awesome goals, including running my first half marathon this past October (go me!). This meant running further and longer than I ever have before. Since the race was in October, a lot of my runs were during the heat of late summer/early fall. When you're hitting runs that are over an hour, it becomes imperative to drink on the go. My friend Theresa always had this awesome water bottle that she brought with her on runs that had a little handle she could stick her hand through. I thought this was GENIUS. 

So I got one of my own. I grabbed the Nathan SpeedDraw Water Bottle, and LOVE it. It is the perfect size: a good amount of water while not being heavy, and it has a little pocket on the back of the water bottle cover that I can slip my key into. If you're planning a long race in the near future, I highly recommend an on-the-go water bottle!

Power Ice

One of the things I've learned since starting running is the importance of hydration. Water isn't enough, friends. When you are running, especially in heat or for long distances, you need to add electrolytes. I was clueless to this at first, and paid the price. Once I learned how dehydration can affect your muscles and overall performance, I got really serious about electrolytes. 

Power Ice has been my go-to hydration treats for post-run hydration. After drinking my water, I grab an ice pop from the freezer. I love that these little packages are simple and totable. although I know I will really enjoy them after hot Summer runs, they've been really refreshing even after Winter runs. I seem to get hot and sweaty no matter the weather!  More importantly, I know I am replenishing my electrolytes, and that's what counts! 

Order them by the box! I'm a big fan of the Lime Kicker flavor :)

Fitsok Running Socks

Good socks make a BIG difference when running. I've had my fair share of foot injuries, aches and pains. Chafing and blisters caused by bad socks are just the worst. Fitsok Running Socks is a good pick for socks that are breathable, blister-resistant and fit well. 

Womens Running Magazine

I'm a reader, and I love having a resource for great info, ideas, products, tips and more when it comes to running. So this year I'm subscribing to Womens Running Magazine. To be fair, I also just really get giddy knowing that once a month I get a magazine in the mail. So if it's a magazine FOR WOMEN about RUNNING? Total win.

Sports Watch

Can I tell you how much having a Sports Watch with a GPS has changed my life? I still like using my Nike+ Running app (mainly to compete with…I mean encourage…my friends who also use the app). But I have absolutely loved my Polar RC3 GPS with Heart Rate Monitor. It keeps my runs hands-free and the GPS is super on-point. The best part is that the Polar RC3 comes with a heart rate strap to give me an even more accurate reading on calories burned and target heart rate.

I highly recommend this sports watch to anyone who is looking to invest in one!

Gift Card to the Local Running Store

Sometimes the best gift is to enable a loved one to get exactly what they want…themselves. Find out where your local running store is and get her a gift card. Then, whether she is looking to buy new running shoes, shorts, compression socks or even entering the next 5k, she is already set!

I'm loyal to the Chester County Running Store, as they have been amazing with fitting me with the perfect running shoes time and time again. They also manage and time most of the local races.


Are you a running momma?

If so, I'd love to hear:

What items are on YOUR Running Mom Wish List?

Disclosure: Some companies listed above sent me products to try out for review. Otherproducts I use without having worked with the brands. I love ALL of these products and truly believe they are great for runners. Some links are affiliate links.
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