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March 20, 2013

Keeping Your iPhone Alive: #PureGear DualTek

I should probably not be allowed to own a mobile phone.

Why? I have a long history of mishandled devices. It all started way back long ago in the far-off galaxy of 4 years ago. I had just had my first baby. Months before, I had also received my very first smart phone. It was a glorious thing.

The phone, that is.

Well. And the baby.

But back to the phone.

It was my first phone that had a real keyboard, could retrieve email and let me surf the internet. It was as good as gold, in my eyes. Mine even had one of those cute little pens that allowed me to select items on my touchscreen.

Fast-forward a handful of months and I am in the throes of new motherhood. A screaming crying baby dictated my days. I was lucky to have showered on a weekly basis. I was sleep-deprived, emotional and generally in a foggy haze most of the time. My wonderful little bundle of joy was just that: little. Her little chicken legs barely filled out her diapers, which often meant awful Blowouts.

You know. The poop kind.

I remember feeling like I was getting a handle on things one day. Chica and I were lounging on the bed, cooing and talking to one another. Then her brow furrowed. The right side of her lips turned up. And I knew what was coming. A moment too late. The trumpet blew from her bottom and my bedspread was an immediate mess of brown.

In my haste I quickly clean her up, changed her diaper, got her a new outfit and quickly gathered all of my bedsheets and threw them in the washer. Oh this load was getting extra soap and extra hot water! I thought Hubby might get a kick out of the event so I went to call him.

Only. I couldn't find my phone. 

I spent the next hour looking all around the house. Then something clicked in my brain. I went to the newly clean load in the washer. Peeking through the damp sheets, I heard the CLINK and pulled out my very water-logged, very dead, phone.

This was the first of many phone deaths.

The next one followed a year later, when Chica was teething and used my phone (unbeknownst to me) as a chew toy. Not long after that one was replaced, I dropped my next one on the cement, to it's death. Hubby is constantly chiding my lack of smartphone responsibility. But I can't help it. My life has become a storm of hurried multitasking and kids. Phones are bound to die.

So when I was ready to upgrade to an iPhone, Hubby very seriously sat me down and had The Talk. The "You Need To Treat This Apple Device with Love and Respect" talk. So one might imagine he was very happy the day the PureGear DualTek package arrived.

PureGear is like the answer to my klutzy prayers. Sure, the cases come in an array of pretty colors. But pretty doesn't save phone lives. 360 degree protection does. PureGear cases are made of durable layered materials to combine strength, toughness and flex while still being slim and lightweight. That is techy for "Made of AWESOME." It has an ergonomic grip, meaning us multitasking moms won't be as prone to drop it. But if we do? It absorbs shock from falls up to 6 feet.

Smart AND pretty.
Just like me. 


PureGear is hosting a contest where you can be entered to win a new iPhone 5 plus the iPhone line of DualTek cases.  Say what?! You can enter here

So let me here it: What is YOUR worst cell phone catastrophe?

Leave a comment - and make me feel not so bad!


Our phone is our life, why are we not protecting it? PureGear’s DualTek® Extreme Shock Cases provides the best protection against bumps, smacks, and knocks.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PureGear DualTek. The opinions and text are all mine.
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