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March 19, 2013

The Hunger Games Tributes: Dawson's Creek

Despite the fact it started my sophomore year and I was totally their target audience, I completely missed out on the whole Dawson's Creek experience. Like. I never watched an episode. Wait. That's not true. By the time the show was in it's 4th season, I was a freshmen in college and the girls on my floor would gather to watch it faithfully (obsessively?) each week. So I may have accidentally caught an episode or 2. Nothing I can recall to mind though.

Fast forward 10 years and I'm a 31 year old who likes the joy of discovering shows on Netflix. I don't know why. But finding a show and watching all of it's seasons start to finish is exciting. It gives me something to look forward to each night. 

"Oh yes! Tonight I'll watch another episode or two of my show!"

It's the little things, people.

I recently stumbled across the show Wilfred, which is amazing and irreverent and genius and horrid and probably one of the most creative and hilarious shows I've watched. There are 2 seasons, only one of which is on Netflix. So I tore through Season 1 and...ahem...found...season 2 online. Once I was all caught up (woot to Season 3 this summer!), I needed another show to enjoy.

Enter Dawson's Creek.

I happened upon it on Netflix. My fantabulous Scottish cousin-in-law, Jo, speaks of it's wonders from time to time. So I thought I'd give it a try. Season 1 was pretty difficult to stomach. The writing and acting were poor and at times it was just uncomfortable to watch. But I don't  scare easily. I've made it to Season 3, and it's getting somewhat good. So I think I'll see it through.

I've been faithful watching a few episodes most nights until two days ago. I found a used copy of The Hunger Games at the Hockessin Book Shelf. I've read the series a few times over, but every once in a while I like to re-read it. But when I read a book, I get really into the books. Like, I can't put them down and I get a little caught up in their reality ("What? Panem isn't real?!?"). So I've been spending my spare time flipping the pages of the trilogy (I'm mid-way through Catching Fire in just a matter of 48 hours). 

Which has been severely cutting into my Dawson's Creek time.

Then last night happened.

I fell asleep around midnight (what? I couldn't put the dang book down. Fight me), and woke up this morning after a very strange Hunger Games dream. I've had them before while reading the books: dreaming you are there, trying to survive the games, visiting the Capitol, etc. But last night, I wasn't a tribute. 

The cast of Dawson's Creek were fighting to be victor.

It was all very confusing.

Like many dreams, it's been hard to shake off. So I've spent my morning wondering how the cast of Dawson's Creek would actually fare in The Games.  I think I've finally ranked them. Here are my predictions, in order from "Least Likely to Survive For More than 60 Seconds" to "Potential Victor:"


Let's call a spade a spade: Andie wouldn't last very long in The Hunger Games. She's naive, emotional and I find her kind of weak. I cannot see her in hand-to-hand combat, and I believe her anxiety would get the best of her. She's not terribly self-sufficient and you can't rely on anyone but yourself during The Hunger Games. Sorry, Andie.

Cause of Death: Blown to smithereens within the first 60 seconds of the game on her own metal plate.


Yep. I'm putting him as #2 to go. Dawson is an over-analyzer. He's overly emotional. I don't see him as being very adept at weapons. He's always had his needs met, having lived a mostly cushy life. And I can't imagine him hurting someone. I think he'd make it off the plate, but not make it much further.

Cause of Death: A fatal knife wound to the chest within the first 5 minutes of the game while he is unable to decide whether to run into the forest or go to the Cornucopia for supplies.


Jack is a good, physically strong specimen. I think he could hold his weight for a while using his strength, and I don't believe he would be shy about using weapons or hurting other tributes. He could even use mind games to as a weapon against other male tributes by pretending to be sexually attracted to them. Once they were sufficiently confused, he could go in for the kill. Jack, though, does not have survival skills. He has lived an upperclass life, which does not help him in The Games.

Cause of Death: Starvation. He will make it 2-3 days into The Games, overcoming other tributes with his strength. But his lack of nature knowledge and survival skills will ultimately take his life.


Jen may be from the City, but she is tough. She's learned to be mistrustful of others and question everything. Jen may not be a strong physical specimen, but she has street smarts that will help her last well into the games. She may even make it to the last 8, maybe even the last 5. But Jen's downfall is pride: she doesn't shy from a fight, even if she is not prepared for the consequences. 

Cause of Death: Hand-to-Hand combat with Joey roughly one week into The Games. They'll be among the remaining 5 Tributes, but this final fight leads to her demise.


Survival has been Joey's middle name for most of her life. Dealing with the emotional losses of her father (to prison) and her mother (to cancer) has toughened her emotionally. Having no parents to provide, Joey has learned to provide for herself. This means she has strengthened her body with jobs that might require heavy lifting. Joey survives. It's what she does. She could be a contender as Victor, and she will make it far in The Games. Just...not far enough.

Cause of Death: Hand-to-Hand Combat with Jen. Since they are on par with one another physically and mentally, they take each other out in one ultimate fight.


Wasn't he just born to be Victor? He's is often dubbed The Underdog, but Pacey is smart. He's physically strong. He has no loyalty to his family, giving him the edge of having nothing to lose. Pacey is a rebel, and would fight to show up the Captiol until his last breath. Pacey hates everything The Hunger Games stands for, and will not let the Capitol get the best of him at any cost. And can we be honest? He's just plain good looking, as any victor ought to be.

Cause of Death: None. Pacey will be Victor. And then start The Rebellion that ultimately leads to the downfall of the Captiol and the rebirth of a utopian Panem.


Who is ready to place bets?

And of course:

May the odds be ever in your favor!

How would you rank the Dawson's Creek Tributes? 

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