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December 10, 2013

Gift Guide for New Girl Fans

* This post contains affiliate links.

You have figured out what to get your Mom, you've almost finished shopping for your brother, and the list is still looming for the kids. But what, pray tell, do you get a committed New Girl Fan?

Don't worry, friends.  

I've got you covered.

 Jess Day's Retro Eyeglass Frames

Jess Day has a style all unto herself, but I love her thick black spectacles. If you (or a New Girl fan you love) want to rock the look, grab a pair (or three).

Soundtrack from Wicked

This is especially useful on long random road trips to Mexico. It'll make you so Popular. Original broadway cast only (Idina and Kristin. ::swoon::)

Batman Mask

Everyone needs a Keaton in their life. Especially if it keeps them from sitting at home wiping their tears with deli meat. 

Handmade Douchebag Jar

If someone you love needs extra motivation to not make d-bag remarks, craft up a Douchbag Jar for them out of a simple Mason Jar as a friendly reminder: "JAR!" 

Even better? If you have 12 d-bag friends, you can get 12 jars for under $10.

Take-Out Menu Binder

Whether you love take out or the Chinese Restaurant in your neighborhood has waged a Menu War, bedazzle a simple black binder for a fun way to organize all of your menus.

Irish Walking Cape

If only we could be as cool as Schmidt. Be sure to hang this right next to your bath towel. And, yes, it's a real thing.

True American Game

All it takes is a (few) case(s) of beer, a bottle of liquor, the official rules (also found from other various sources) and the rearrangement (and possible demolition) of your living room. 

Really, it's the gift that keeps on giving.


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