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July 8, 2015

Stitch Fix: My Second Review

(Before we get started: if you need a background in Stitch Fix, see my first post.)


So as I shared a few weeks ago, I did my first Stitch Fix.  You can read about my initial Fix here. It was overall a great box, but slightly off target for my style and a little high in price. I sent the box back happily, eager to see if my feedback would result in better results with Stitch Fix #2.  

::drumroll please::

Stitch Fix #2 came today!

And I'm happy to report that my feedback was noted! But before I share my thoughts on this fix, let's check out what arrived in the box: 

1.KUT from the Kloth Goldie Flare Jean - $88
2. Le Lis Kailya Lace Back Knit Top, Navy - $48
3. PaperMoon Waters Ikat Maxi Dress - $68
4. Le Lis Zealand Crochet Detail Knit Top - $44
5. PaperMoon Mansi Crochet Pocket Knit Tank- $44

Here is how the clothes looked like on me:

I didn't grab a picture, but the back of this Le Lis Kailya Lace Back Knit Top has a really awesome wide crochet detail
that was pretty nifty. The pants are Kut From the Kloth Goldie Flare Jeans. I'm a little eh about them.

My CAbi jeans with the Papermoon Mansi Crochet Pocket Knit Tank. Super soft and comfy.
I liked it more than I thought I would!

My American Eagle skinny jeans with the Le LIs Zealand Crocket Detail Knit Top.
If my zen look is any indication of how I feel about this top...

So excited I got this Papermoon Waters Ikat Maxi Dress. I specially asked for one and
Emma, this month's Stitch Fix stylist heard me!

The price point on these items were WAY better than last month. Still a little higher than I'd like to pay, but much, much closer. A few items even fell into my "comfortable to pay" zone. 

The style was MUCH more in my favor. I really enjoyed a majority of the items. I'm a BIG fan of non-skinny jeans (hello, I love the 90's). So, I wanted to like the Kut From The Kloth flare jeans, but they just felt a little bulky. The maxi dress felt really comfortable on, and I really, really liked the shirts. Like all of them.

I'm considering making my first Stitch Fix purchase!

I have narrowed down the items I think I like enough to buy, but I'd love YOUR feedback:

What pieces in my Stitch Fix did you like? 


Which looked best? 

Are any worth keeping?  

I'll be sure to update you on what I do with my second Stitch Fix (will I buy something?!?). And I've decided to commit to 3 total Stitch Fixes (to start) so I can really see if I can hone in my feedback for the perfect Fix.

I will report back next month when I get my third Stitch Fix box!

Ready to take the plunge? If you want to try out Stitch Fix for yourself, head over and get started!

Disclosure: this is a review I took on myself. I was not compensated. I did not work with Stitch Fix to make this happen. I was just really intrigued and decided to share my honest opinion so other people might feel empowered to try (or not try) Stitch Fix out.

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