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July 15, 2015

Backyard Ocean Pool Review and GIVEAWAY!

One of the best parts about summer is swimming, right?

As a kid, we didn't belong to a pool. So, I was always overly-ecstatic every time I was taken to a friend's pool. I thought it was pretty much the Best. Thing. Ever. When we couldn't make it to our friends' pools, we had one of those tiny 4-foot plastic baby pools to make due with. Which was fine when it was just me and I was two.  But add a few years and 2 little sisters, and the baby pool was quickly outgrown. 

And by "outgrown" I mean "lame."

The most ideal situation would have been a larger backyard pool that could handle older kids, but wasn't permanent or as involved as an above-ground or in-ground pool. Back then, we didn't have the option. 

Luckily for kids today, Backyard Ocean is to the rescue!

Offering a variety of backyard above-ground pools, Backyard Ocean is the perfect resource for parents who want to give their kids the gift of swimming during the summer....without the in-ground price tag (or upkeep). I had a chance to give their 8' x 26" Float to Fill Ring Pool Set a try, and I was pretty impressed!


The pool came in a compact box, so it started nice and small. I could easily fill the pool with our hose, and it did not take long at all. 

The girls were too excited to wait for it to fill completely...

As a parent, I loved that it offered a more substantial water play space than the average baby pool. My girls are notably older, but pretty tall for their ages. It's almost comical to watch them try to maneuver in a baby pool. There was plenty of room for them to both splash around (which they did for several hours once the pool filled!). We kept the pool up for a while (if you plan to keep the pool up ongoing for the summer, you can invest in a Ring Pool Maintenance Kit and chlorine tablets to keep the pool clean and safe), but once we were done, the pool deflated easily and compact. 

It's the perfect compromise between spending money on a pool membership or having an in-ground pool installed and dinky baby pools. 

Backyard Ocean has a ton of great resources on pool safety and maintenance, and you can keep up with them on their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.


They're so cool, they are going to give one of my lucky readers their own  8' x 26" Float to Fill Ring Pool Set to enjoy this summer!

To enter:

Leave a comment on this blog post about 
your favorite game to play in a pool!

The giveaway will run until next Wednesday, 7/22 at 12pm.

Good luck and happy winning!

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