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July 2, 2015

Grilled S'Mizza (Grilled S'mores Pizza)

So I had a culinary epiphany last night that might have made me the coolest mom that ever walked the earth.

I was making Cheeseburger Stromboli (a variant to my Easy Homemade Stromboli that I was trying out), and had half a pound of raw pizza dough left over. What was I supposed to do with a half pound of raw dough? My mind got working, and I decided to whip up a dessert pizza...on the GRILL!

I knew this endeavor could be fantastically awesome or perfectly awful.

We are BIG fans of grilled pizza. I've come up with a ton of different savory creations to toss on dough and grill (check out some of my favorite grilled pizza recipes). BUT, I've never tried sweet pizza. How was I missing this my entire life?!

I had just bought a bunch of stuff to make s'mores, and I felt that would perfectly translate to a dessert pizza. So, I gathered my ingredients and the girls waited with bated breath by the grill, encouraging me to check and make sure I hadn't burned anything. 

When everything was melty and delicious, I took it off the heat, sliced it up, and waited for feedback.

Which was basically this:

Meaning, it was a total win.

I posted on the CSHM Facebook page, and a few people asked for the recipe. It's pretty simple, but I, like you, enjoy having something to work off of when I'm trying a new recipe for the first time. So here it is - enjoy!

- 1/2 lb of raw pizza dough
- 1 cup of chocolate chips (or, as a tasty alternative, Nutella!)
- 3 graham crackers, crushed
- 10 large marshmallows (or 1-2 cups of mini marshmallows).

1) Roll out dough until 1/8 inch thick.

2) Place rolled dough onto the grill and close the lid. Let grill for 1 minute. Once the bottom gets a little bit hard (don't let it get brown - just the beginning of a crispness), flip the pizza crust.

3) Spread the chocolate chips (or Nutella) over the crust evenly. Place marshmallows over the chocolate chips. Sprinkle the entire pizza with graham cracker crumbs.

4) Close lid and let cook until the bottom of the pizza is browned and the toppings are melted.

5) Take off the grill, slice and enjoy!


I feel like grilled dessert pizza is going to be my new favorite thing.

What toppings would YOU choose?

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