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July 1, 2015

Parents: 10 Reasons to Treat Yo'Self Tonight

It's been a long day. SO long. Irrationally long. After a historical battle that will most likely be taught in future high school classrooms, the kids are finally in bed. And you are eyeing up that pint of wickedly delicious ice cream in our freezer, or the perfectly lonely bottle (let's be honest, box) of Merlot on your counter, or the smooth surface of a jar of Nutella that has yet to be opened.

Your body says yes, but your SELF Magazine says NO. It's bathing suit season, after all. Don't throw it all away for a couple (hundred) empty calories!

Pffsh. Here are 10 reasons why you deserve to treat yourself to the extra calories of a "the kids are in bed" treat:

1) You made it until bedtime.

2) You made a dinner that no one liked.

3) Bathtime. Enough said.

4) You answered no less than 1,290 questions during bedtime.

5) You found blankie. 

6) You survived grocery shopping. WITH THE KIDS.

7) You folded an entire load of laundry only to have it toppled over by the kids.

8) You pinpointed the rotting smell in your car (an old sippy cup filled with milk).

9) You stepped on a LEGO with bare feet.

10) You had to endure an entire episode of Calliou.

So, go 'head, girl. 

Eat that chocolate.

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