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June 13, 2012

Kids and Sleep Facebook Chat - Thursday, June 14 - 2pm

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I'm really excited to be hosting a Facebook Chat Hour with Jessica Gleason, a local child sleep consultant tomorrow, June 14, from 2pm-3pm.

I've shared in the past that sleeping was a very anxiety-ridden area of parenting for me. Chica threw me for a loop early on, eventually becoming a great sleeper, but now struggles with occasional night terrors and nighttime confusion/disorientation if she wakes up. Bug started off a strong sleeper and has encountered bumps along the way (which I'm still working out!).

I think in the end, there is no right or wrong answer. Each family abides by the theories and philosophies that best serve their families! Often, though, if we are desperate or frustrated enough, it's great to look into other advice and resources for new ideas to try.

Tomorrow, from 2pm-3pm, Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom readers can hop onto the CSHM Facebook page to hear from Jessica Gleason.  Jessica will be answering reader-submitted questions (see form below), as well as interacting live with readers, regarding child sleep.  Whether it's nap issues, nighttime sleep, waking, pacifiers, or other issues, Jessica is excited to chat with us!

I hope you join us!  If you have a question or issue you'd like addressed, fill out the form below. If you are just interested in hearing reader questions and Jessica's answers, join us tomorrow on the CSHM Facebook Page for the Chat! Please submit your questions by 8pm so Jessica has a chance to think them over for quality responses!

If for some reason you cannot make it, but would like to have an question answered or to read responses, fill out the form below and in the "Question" area, note "PLEASE EMAIL."  I will send the links to the various posts in an email tomorrow night for those who cannot make it (or just want to have the links as a reference).

If this goes well, we might do a second Chat at a later date in the evening for those who cannot do daytime Chats.

We look forward to chatting with you - see you tomorrow at 2pm!

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