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June 13, 2012

AboutOne: Get Ready to GET ORGANIZED {Review}

If you've been on the CSHM Facebook Page at all, you know my life is not what one would call "organized."  Just look at these telling pictures of my home:

One might imagine that my files, personal records and other various and sundry important life items are in a similar state of WHAT THE HECK.

I've tried over the years to organize my life.  Right now, our best system is that there are 4 possible places in my house that important documents *might* be.

Yeah. It's that bad.

You can imagine the panic and stress I've been through when an important document is needed: a car title, a valuable receipt, medical records, insurance papers, social security cards, etc.  Do you know how many times Hubby and I have ripped the house apart for hours trying to find this or that paperwork?

More times than I'd like to admit.

I'd about come to the the end of rope when some of my gal pals introduced me to the glory that is AboutOne.

{Cue trumpets and choirs of angels singing}

AboutOne is an online family organizer (Does it sound like something I could benefit from? Resounding YES).  With an AboutOne subscription, families can store everything from personal contacts and health histories to babysitter instructions and receipts.  You can store EVERYTHING.

That's right, people.  A website that tells you how to get organized!

Imagine a world where you can scan copies of your store receipts or home inventories for insurance claims.  Make lists of allergies and medications so that, thanks to the wonders of smartphone and tablet technology, all important documentation is available at any time and anywhere.

That world? Is AboutOne.

One of the things I appreciate with AboutOne is that it was started by a Mom. Joanne Lang is the founder and CEO of AboutOne.  Joanne is the mom of 4 boys. FOUR. BOYS. Does that make your head spin?  What prompted her to come up with AboutOne?  She says that although LinkedIn helped her organize her career and Facebook helped her organize her social life, there was nothing to help her organize her home and family life.  Then one day, while she was away from home, one of her boys had a medical emergency. And with only her keys and cell phone, she was unable to recall a list of medication to the paramedics.

We've all been there, haven't we?

AboutOne is private, safe and secure.  You can even download the app for your phone (still waiting on the iPhone app - but it is in development to be released later this year. WOOOT!).  Also?  There are various levels of storage, starting at FREE (Although, once you're life is revolutionized by organization, you might shell out the $5-$8 for more storage, amiright?).

Can I encourage you to head over and check out AboutOne?  It's time to organize, people. Don't let your personal life look like your laundry life:

There IS a better way.

You can find out more about AboutOne in this fun and informational video:

DISCLOSURE: I was compensated by AboutOne to review their online organizer. As always, I'm all about keeping it real, so all opinions and text are my own. Like, really real, y'all.


  1. Good luck with your organizing this summer : ) I know you can do it!

  2. Thanks for the article! I need some motivation to get things organized around here!


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