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April 11, 2012

Steph Stays: Peddler's Village and Buttonwood Grill

Peddler's Village
Lahaska, PA

Last weekend, Hubby and I had the awesome opportunity to do another stay at Peddler's Village.  It had been almost 2 years since our last visit (and review), and the amazing people up at Peddler's Village asked if we'd like to check out their newest culinary addition:  Buttonwood Grill.

We said, "Sure."

But really, we jumped up and down and squealed and high-fived, because we really like it up there.

In the last review, I did a comprehensive breakdown of the Food, Lodging and Dining. Given that foundation, I'll be focusing this review mainly on the new Buttonwood Grill, as well as a new perspective on our accommodations!

We arrived on a drizzly Saturday afternoon, which makes the Village look totally British (which I love).  After checking in, we drove around to our One Star Suite. As always, we were absolutely pleased to pieces with our room, which I'll share more about later in the post. Our reservations for Buttonwood Grill were at 7:00pm, so hubby and I relaxed in the room for a bit before going out to poke around the shops until dinner.  

I love relaxing and shopping. Not necessarily in that order.

Not before long, we were meeting with Stan and Hilary, two of our very good friends, for the meal. Buttonwood Grill is new to Peddler's Village and I was very impressed with the new twist that Buttonwood brings.  

First, Buttonwood Grill brings history.  Named after the original inn and tavern that resided on the exact location a century ago, Buttonwood Grill continues the commitment to the warm and friendly hospitality Bucks County has maintained for decades.

Second, Buttonwood Grill brings class.  Even though the restaurant exists in the same structure as it's predecessor, Sweet Lorraines, the inside is completely it's own.  The style is chic but inviting, with intimate lighting and tasteful design. The menu includes an impressive craft beer selection.  

This served to really win over Hubby and Stan.

Our party of four was seated at a long wooden booth on the far end of the restaurant.  Our server, Jennifer, was one of my favorite aspects of Buttonwood.  She was attentive, friendly and very knowledgeable about the menu.  I thought maybe she was giving us special attention, but throughout the meal I noticed she was giving 5-star treatment to all of her tables.  Every question we had about food or beer, Jennifer had an answer.  She knew about the food, the beer, even places we might visit after our meal.

I was pretty hungry when we arrived, and the dinner menu did not help the matter.  Somehow, I was expecting the run-of-the-mill pub fare.  I was not prepared for some of the awesome selections Buttonwood had to offer.  Our party decided on Brisket Fries and Crabby 3 Cheese N' Artichoke Dip to start.  

My word.  

Brisket Fries are the best thing to ever happen to this girl.  A layer of french fries, topped with tender shredded brisket, along with chopped pickles and creamy horseradish sauce.  I could have eaten it all night long.  I don't do seafood, but Hubby and friends enjoyed the Crab dip.  They appreciated the full plate, and the flavor and texture were spot on.

In a timely fashion, our main meals came out, piping hot.  Hilary ordered a caesar salad, while Stan went with the Ale Battered Shrimp N' Chips.  Stan said his dish was "light and crispy," and he enjoyed the remoulade sauce that came on the side.  Hubby ordered the NY Strip Spice Dirt Dusted Steak.  I believe there was coffee involved in the rub, which made for really flavorful bites.  

I am not much of a burger girl, but since the Buttonwood prides itself on being a burger and beer place (despite the fact it is so much more), I decided to order one of the burgers.  The Southern Bacon N' Onion burger was out of this world.  I loved the moist beef, the hint of horseradish, and the presentation. 

Now THAT is a burger

We ended our meal with dessert.  The four of us split the tiramisu and the apple crumble.  On par with everything else we experienced, dessert was fantastic. My favorite part? The straight-from-the-oven crumble was served in a cute mason jar, topped with ice cream. Fun! With full bellies, we bid our dining companions goodbye as we headed back to our room for the night.  

Our Dessert "menu"

After a great night of sleep, Hubby and I leisurely woke up, got ready, and perused the Village.  One thing I do hope changes in the future are the shopping hours.  On Sundays, shops do not open until 11am, which leaves early morning wakers a pocket of time to kill before shopping.  Not a big deal, though.  A minor detail, which hubby and I resolved by going to a tasty brunch at the Cock n' Bull.  If you like buffets, the brunch at Cock n' Bull can't be beat!


I don't get to stay in hotels very often. In the 5 years we've been married, Hubby and I have only gone away a small handful of times.  And most of those times, we were pretty dissatisfied with our hotel accommodations (you read more about said bad trips here).  We always tried to make an educated decision on the rooms we booked: we Googled, we researched, we read reviews. And despite feeling confident at booking, several times we were quite disappointed.

I've maintained that there is no bad room to be had at Peddler's Village. In my last review, I shared a pretty thorough run-down of our room. But I've found it's hard for me to trust written reviews.  So this time around, I thought I'd do my best to give you a more personal perspective on why I love the accommodations at Peddler's Village:

With great food and great accommodations only a short drive from Philly, Peddler's Village continues to be a wonderful getaway destination.  As many of us are still feeling the pinch of the current economy, Staycations are really a perfect alternative to big vacations.  If you are planning to stay local this summer, make sure Peddler's Village is on your list.  There is plenty to do for the whole family (or a Couples Retreat or a Girls Weekend Away!).  

Peddler's Village is also celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  Special events and celebrations are scheduled throughout the year, so check the calendar. And to be kept up to date on events, promotions and receive exclusive offers, sign up for the Loyal Customer Club.

I can't wait until our next visit to Bucks County.  In the meantime, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about Peddler's Village.  I'd also love to hear about YOUR Peddler's Village experience! 

Have you visited Peddler's Village? 
Are you planning to go in the near future? 

Leave a comment and share about your visit!

To see more pics of our stay, check out the album on the CSHM Facebook page!

You can find Peddler's Village on Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure: I was provided lodging and food by Peddler's Village.  As always, the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are strictly my own. I like to keep it real - so I tell it like it is!


  1. Awesome! Great to know about the new restaurant since I'm not far from Peddler's Village at all. And I never really knew about the hotel accommodations there. Good to know for out-of-towners.

    1. Definitely awesome for OOT's (out-of-towners!)

  2. I had NO idea Peddler's Village had a hotel. I'm thinking that would be a great place for my parents to stay next time they visit!

    1. Yep! And although I haven't done it yet (since I've gone every time without kids) - they have a really fun kids area too.

  3. Great post!! I could write forever about how much I love Peddler's Village and all the memories I have of going there throughout my childhood (and young adulthood). We have been continuing our tradition of taking day trips there with my two year old and were just there on Easter to casually eat, shop, and just enjoy the day. I find it to be very kid-friendly, especially with Giggleberry fair and the carousel.

  4. It's great to hear about a new restaurant up there. I am definitely craving a good burger now!

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