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April 11, 2012

Things Moms Say: Celebrity Crushes

After last week's discussion about our struggles as parents, I thought we should kick back and talk about some rubbish.  Because really, that's where all the fun is. So I asked my Philly Social Media Gals  to dish. And I want you to as well!

Don't worry - we all love our significant others more'n our luggage (who can name the movie quote?!?), but it's just fun to be all middle school about our secret celeb crushes. And you might be surprised by who they fawn over!

Who is your Celebrity Crush??

Since I never seem to share MY responses in these posts, I'll start:

“I love me some cool nerds – Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon. I might even throw Jonah Hill in there..” - Steph

Now for my fave bloggers...

“Tough call. Mike Rowe and George Clooney. Smart, handsome, creative. And they both stand up for their values. I love them.” - Chrissie from Picadilly Arts

“Favorite?? Harry Connick Jr.  Secret?? Justin Timberlake. DON'T JUDGE ME!” - Maureen from Mommy Tails

“I can't wait to see my celebrity boyfriend Christian Bale save Gotham City this July. And I'm bummed my celebrity husband Dr Gregory House is in his last season.” - Robin from Simple Green Organic Happy

“I have a serious crush on Jerry Trainor (Spencer from iCarly). There...I said it. There's no turning back now.” - Cindy from Whatever Works

My crush is Simon Pegg. He is just swell, has been the topic of many a post and I even started a Pinterest board for him. Although I also have the hots for Spencer on iCarly.” - Rachee from Say It Rah-Shay

Rob Zombie and Tim Burton. I like 'em scary and ugly (Unless you live with me. Then I like 'em scary and handsome with a lumber-jack-on-crack-style beard, like my husband).” - Kelly from The Turnip Farmer

“Matthew from Downton Abbey - who cares who he is in real life?!” - Kelly from My Overthinking

“Do I really have to pick one? Justin Timberlake, Ryan Reynolds, and Paul Rudd. They aren't so secret though!” - Marissa from Land of Once Upon a Time

Hugh Grant...” - Heather from Diapered Knights

Patrick Warburton from Rules of Engagement, Seinfeld and Tick. I love a man that can make me laugh.” - Melinda from Look What Mom Found

Mark Ruffalo. It's something about that tousled hair and smirk.” - Becky from Crafty Garden Mama

“Channing Tatum...ooohhhh boooyyy.” - Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes

“Robert Pattinson, although that's not too much of a secret :) Or George Clooney!! OMG I forgot about Channing Tatum. I just saw him in 21 Jump Street on Friday night!” - Randi from SAHM Crazy Life

“Ricky Martin and Johnny Depp.” - Pam from I Forgot What I Was Doing

“When I try to convince my tween daughter not to 'junk up' her room by taping posters all over her walls, I have to remind myself that I once had 23 posters of Matt Dillon on my bedroom walls. If I were to choose 23 posters for my bedroom now... probably George Clooney. Think my husband would mind? Oh I used to have Andre Agassi all over my room!!!” - Sarah from USA Love List

“Vin Deisel - in the Fast and the Furious and XXX. Not so much in The Pacifer...” - Jen from Lehigh Valley Momma

"Michael J Fox!"  Barbara from Homeroom At Home

"Ryan Gosling!  I loved him as Noah in The Notebook, and he was so hot in Crazy Stupid Love!!"  - Toni from Tickles and Timeouts

"No one said Billy Crystal?! He's one of mine."  - Liz from Six Year Itch


Now it's YOUR turn. Who are YOUR favorite (secret?) Celebrity Crushes??   Leave a comment and SHARE!

More Things Moms Say next week. If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here.


  1. I shared it to G+ and Stumble. I fear my FB friends will roll their eyes - again - if I gush about Mike Rowe and George for the umpteenth time!

    1. George seems to be on everyone's list somewhere LOVE HIM!

  2. Oh I so missed this one this week! Mine would be Adam Levine---though I think I tweet about it a few times a week, so I doubt most people would be surprised!

  3. This one is by far the best. haha! Nice work!

    1. hahaha thank you. I guess celebrity crushes are pretty much across the board, huh? :)

  4. This is an easy one. Tim Mcgraw!!! He is so sexy with his cowboy hat and all. Mmm. Lol

  5. I love, love Anderson Cooper. Yes, I realize his is gay. I also have always had a thing for Dermot Mulroney.

  6. Mark Ruffalo, mmmmmm


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