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April 13, 2012

I Need More Diversity

Most of the time, I wish my life had way more diversity.  

I also feel like that's a total white girl from the suburbs thing to say.

And maybe my last statement makes you uncomfortable.

Well, then good.

Here's the thing: No one talks about differences.

Except in hushed voices, in cliquey crowds, or behind closed doors.  The world is a beautiful mosaic of people, yet we spend most of our lives looking at people who are our mirror images.  Our differences shouldn't divide us, they should unite us.  

But they don't.

I look at my girls, who are so young. I don't want them growing up only knowing their clones.  I want them to know beauty, to know culture, to know history. To know grace.

And I need to be their example.

So I want friends who are different than me. I want white friends and black friends. I want tall friends and short friends. I want gay friends and straight friends and those who aren't quite sure what they are friends. I want fat friends and skinny friends, religious friends and atheist friends.  I want conservative friends and liberal friends. Single friends and married friends. Poor friends, wealthy friends.

Because when you spend your days in and out looking at the equivalent of yourself in other people, the world becomes a boring place.  I think we can learn a lot from other people, from our differences.  We'd learn to be more open, to ask questions, to understand.  And maybe a little understanding would mean less hate and more love.  

You know the most beautiful thing we might find if we got a little more diversity? That deep down, we're not all that different.  

And to hate those who are different really just means we are only hating ourselves.

I choose love.


  1. my sweet mom used to tell me, "wouldn't the world be so boring if we were all the same?"

  2. When mine was little, I remember writing a post that was very, very similar to this. And one of the responses I got still messes with me.

    It amounted to: what a racist thing to say, I don't want to be part of your kid's "diversity" plan. We're people, not a checklist.

    And I was all: yikes.

    What if my rich friends said: I want to be friends with poor folk and that poor folk was me. HAHA! So, yeah, I get it.

    1. I get that mentality. I would have bristled at the idea of someone being friends with me because I'm from a broken home or struggled financially. BUt at the same time - the idea that my kids (or ME) would be only friends with people like myself - that pains me. So I don't know what the answer is. If you want diversity, it's racist. If you have no diversity, you're elitist, right?

  3. This is a nicely written post. I feel the same way. My daughter's school is not very diverse. Even at 7, this was a bit of a culture shock to her. I am glad that our friendship base is quite diverse.

    I found your site through Becoming Supermommy. Nice site!

    Mel S


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