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March 28, 2012

Things Moms Say: Pantry Items

Welcome to this week's Things Moms Say post!  Each week, I have been asking questions to moms and sharing their responses.  We've shared everything from parenting advice to mom fails. It is my hope that we can read these posts and find encouragement, community and a few laughs.

This week, I asked a very important question, and got some great responses (Spoiler Alert: MOMS. NEED. COFFEE):

What 3 things do you ALWAYS have stocked in your pantry or fridge?

"1. Canned beans and diced tomatoes (Apparently, I'm preparing for an apocalypse?) 2. Butter (Always at least 2+ lbs. for emergency cookies) 3. Olive oil (Just like butter, I might panic if I didn't have an entire extra bottle)" - Angelique from Not Just Takeout

"Skinny Girl Margarita for mommy, Fresh fruit for garnish and snack time and frozen grilled chicken strips for a quick healthy meal on busy nights." - Kelly from The Turnip Farmer

"Coffee for me, ice cream for my husband, and lots of milk. (Things don't go well for the rest of the family if we're out of coffee. Just saying)" - Barb from A Life In Balance

"Popcorn, Taco dinner kits, and Tostitos. Apparently, we like a lot of corn based products around here." - Cindy from Whatever Works

"Coffee, pasta and vodka . . .Can you make a vodka-coffee sauce for the pasta?" - Hillary from My Scraps

"Coca-Cola, goldfish and mac n' cheese" - Stephanie from Mamma Bear's World

"Cereal Bars, Capri-Suns and Yogurt!" - Stephanie from A Grande Life

"Not to be cliche but... COFFEE. And heavy cream. When I'm out of either, I get twitchy." - Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife

"Coffee, juice boxes and marshmallows. I need a pick me up, my kid doesn't think juice should be served in a cup, and marshmallows explode when microwaved" - Rachee from Say it Rah-shay

"Diet Coke (me, sadly), potato rolls (kids) and fresh fruit (everyone)" - Alissa from Fun Finds For Families

"Whole wheat flour, milk & butter. Amazing how many tasty things you can get out of that trio. (Helps if you have honey, yeast and sugar on hand too)" - Robin from Simple. Green. Organic. Happy

"Applesauce and oatmeal. If all else fails, that can be our lunch! Or dinner. Or both" - Brandi from Mama Knows It All 

"In the Pantry: Organic Canned Tomatoes and Pacific Foods Cream of Mushroom Soup, Flour, Pasta. In the Fridge: Cream (You can make butter, buttermilk, whip cream, thin a sauce, revive leftover pasta dishes, make creme fraiche, sour cream, etc). Sorry I am like MacGuyver in the kitchen" - Jen from Lehigh Valley Momma

"Orange juice, milk, yogurt" - Alison from Kitchen Table

"Coke for me (the drink not the drug), milk, and butter! But if you are asking what is in my freezer at all times my answer is VODKA! Love to drink it and cook with it. The milk and butter are huge staples for us, although I do always have cream as well" - Randi from SAHM Crazy Life

"Pasta, olive oil, and yogurt (Milk for everyone in the fridge)" - Becky from Crafty Garden Mama

"Canned tomatoes, cans of beans & onions & garlic---always!" - Jessica from Delaware County Moms

"Ranch dressing (because seriously it tastes good on anything), steak (because despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, it is one of the few things my toddler is not allergic to), and bananas (because even if we don't eat them before they turn black - I can stick them in the freezer to save to make banana bread)" - Marissa from Land of Once Upon a Time

"Ingredients for chocolate chip be never know when you need a batch! Also, Chicken stock, milk and frozen organic broccoli" - Diane from Knitting Zeal

"Coffee (Starbucks of course!), cream (can't drink coffee without it) and Lactaid (for my lactose intolerant 22 month old!)" - Jennifer from Philly Fun 4 Kids


How do these pantries compare to yours?  What do you have in your pantry or fridge at ALL TIMES.  Emergency chocolate chip cookie ingredients sounds pretty necessary to me....

Check back next week for the next Things Moms Say question.  I want to hear from YOU, so leave a comment below!


  1. Peanut butter!! Perfect for a quick lunch or snack. Pasta for dinner when I can't/don't want to think of anything and milk in the fridge. Oh, and cereal, gotta always have some of that on hand.

  2. There are certain things which, if we are even low on, my husband and kids get very upset. I know we could survive a day without them, but you'd think I was the worst mom in the world if we ran out of Milk, Half & Half, Eggs, Cereal, Bread, or Diet Coke.

  3. Great idea on the posts/prompts! I found your blog through the blogger comment club. I am excited to follow along. Hopefully I can add to some of your responses for the prompts. Funny stuff!

    My pantry ALWAYS includes chocolate in some form. Cookies, chocolate chips (eaten before they become cookies), pudding (for my diet days), chocolate cereal and even hot chocolate. MUST have chocolate!!!!

  4. I got to have milk in the fridge or my little one has a melt down. We go threw about a gallon every 3 days. Have to have butter too. As for the pantry...hmm...probably some kind of chips, honey, canned fruits and veggies, and I NEED some kind of sweet almost every night.

  5. Oh, coffee for sure! Couldn't live without it!


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