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March 15, 2012

Things Moms Say: Mom Fails

I hope you found some encouragement from last week's Things Moms Say, where some of my fave bloggers shared the Best Parenting Advice they'd ever received.  This week, I put out the question, "What is your best (worst?) Mom Fail?"  Here is what you had to say (and tell me these haven't happened to you as well!)

Mom Fails

"My BIGGEST fail is not being as calm, cool and collected as much as I should be!" - Tarin

"I still feel bad about telling one of my children who wouldn't cooperate and stay with me in a store "ok, bye" only to watch the face turn to shear panic & sobbing uncontrollably thinking I would actually abandon him/her" - Martha

"Definitely (and shamefully) packing up the car, getting in, turning it on, pulling out of the driveway, and realizing that the baby was still sitting, strapped in the infant seat, on the front step! Yikes!" - Michelle from Mommy Confessions

"Locking your kids, cell phone, and the keys to the car in the car. (Thankfully they were asleep)" - Jennifer from Jersey Family Fun

"Rounding up the children (5) to leave church, get them in the car, drive home. Upon their exit of the car you realize you forgot one. Thank goodness for people who love me and brought him home within 5 minutes of my arrival at home." - Uneeka from PowerMommy Nation

"I completely forgot to brush my second child's teeth...for the first 2 years of his life. Yep, I said it. Thankfully, he's almost 4 now and none of them are missing from decay. WTH was I thinking???" - Cindy from 

"My biggest fail was forgetting to strap my oldest one in his car seat, and then getting into an accident on the way home. Fortunately, he fell forward only a foot and was fine. To this day, everyone has to be strapped in before the car starts moving. My 2nd biggest fail was the time I got my daughter's fingers caught in one of the rear mini van windows. I had no idea she had stuck them in the open window!" - Barb from A Life in Balance

"Yesterday I was too engrossed in a magazine to pay too much attention to what my 4yo was asking. Only after revealing that there is NO SUCH THING as the tooth fairy did I realize what I had done. OOPS" - Melinda from Look What Mom Found


So good to know I'm not the only one with a story of my not-so-greatest moments as a Mom!  We'll have another post next week, so check on the Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom Facebook page for the next question.

Until then, I'd love to hear from you: 
What is YOUR best/worst Mom Fail?

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  1. Hello there! Recent subscriber here.

    Besides the many times arriving with my youngest child's hair not combed, there have been a couple of mommy fail moments. We arrived at the store once or twice without her shoes on (she was 7). When she was five we went to a family fun day event and she wore a really cute skirt, she had her hair combed lovely and her shoes on. If only she had worn underwear...

    Last one I'll share was with my eldest daughter. She went to put the cart away in the parking lot of the grocery store (10 y.o.) I got in the car, started it and drove off. Thankfully for the youngest daughter I didn't get too far before she said "Mommy, you left Alecia back there."
    I tried to play it off that I was only kidding her. Youngest daughter busted me. Sometimes raising honest kids bites you in the rear! :)

    1. Welcome! haha - SHOES are SO optional! And I can't tell you how many stories of "I left my kid" or "I locked my kid out/in." We're all in such good company haha!

  2. OK, so here's my fail.

    Halloween 2010. I went as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. I had a sweet red skirt overlay I had assembled with hearts all over it, hair that was sprayed bright red, and most importantly, my Borjois $35 red lipstick. I looked great. Somewhere in the chaos of Halloween when we were all getting undressed, out of costumes, and into jammies, I brought that tube of lipstick upstairs and accidentally left it on the boy's dresser. Now, in all fairness, I remember thinking - don't leave this here. Just tuck him in and grab it and go. I shoved it all the way to the back because I didn't even want him to see it. Well, I forgot it. A few days later this is what ensued. It's part Fail, part Funny.
    and here are more pictures

    To this day, I lament the untimely death of my Bourjois lipstick. It's probably loaded with toxins and it schlepped from France to Barney's where I bought it for a small fortune and all those things go against my usual values of buying natural/organic when I can, buying local, and being smart about spending (like I could maybe buy 2 lipsticks for $35), but I don't care. It was one of those impulse moments you have when you make a real paycheck and you treat yourself to something amazing - an import, in NYC, at Barneys.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wow. That's a lesson, isn't it? THANK you for sharing it! (and making note of the whereabouts of my makeup...)

  3. I may have to give that match to Uneeka! Leaving one behind ala Home Alone is the stuff Mommy Fail legends are made of!! Hats off, girl!

  4. I remembered another one :) My oldest was about 3-4 at the time. We were on our way to a party. Got her showered, dress, hair done. Realized when I was unbuckling her from her carseat, I never put underwear on her. #OOPS

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