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March 29, 2012

Peddler's Village Upcoming Getaway!

Ok people.  

It's been a while since Hubby and I have gotten away for an overnight. And when I say "while" I mean "almost 2 years."  Long long long long time. And we could really use some time away.

Luckily, we have a getaway planned this weekend! One of our favorite local getaways is Peddler's Village.  I've written about my wonderful experiences at PV on my blog, including my first trip and then our subsequent visit several months later.  We love it there, with tasty food and fun shopping to sustain us.  

Peddler's Village has kindly invited us up again to check out their new restaurant, Buttonwood Grille.   Hubby and I will be heading up on Saturday, and will be posting on Facebook and Twitter about our adventures.  

But what fun would a trip to Peddler's Village be without YOU? Share your questions and stories, and I'll be answering and posting them over the weekend.  Keep an eye on the Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom Facebook Page for posts.  Are you on Twitter?  Or, have you been interested in trying Twitter but never had a good reason?  Hop on the Twitter bus, follow @donnareedsteph and you can follow my tweeting journey at #ChescoinPV.  You can interact with me, as well as the shops and restaurants, as I eat, sleep and shop!

What questions do you have about Peddler's Village?  What shops should we stop in? Have you been to Peddler's Village? Share your stories! Leave a comment with your questions and stories below!


  1. Sounds TOTALLY fun - the Hubbs and I sure could use a night away ourselves! I haven't been to Peddler's Village in AGES. . .will look forward to learning about all the new stuff!

    Have fun -

  2. Im in the Philly area too and have been dying to make it up to Peddler's Village! I've been hearing great things about it. I heard they have a really neat indoor play space for the kids, too! I'll be sure to check out all your details.


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