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March 30, 2012

Modern Day Donna Reed-isms for Facebook

So, if you've been over to the Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom Facebook page, you'll see the new timeline format.  And although I was a bit kicking and screaming about the whole Timeline thing, I was struck with this fun idea for the cover photo.  

What is the cover photo? That's the huge photo at the top of the page:

OK. Back to the fun idea. Sometimes I pontificate (why yes, I do pontificate) on what the Modern Day Donna Reed would be like: 

What would she wear?  
How would she act? 
What things would she say? 

The end result were Modern Day Donna Reed-isms:  
Phrases that might pass the lips of the Modern Day Donna Reed (who is, essentially, every woman. But that's another post for another time).  How would I define the phrases? 

Vintage yet edgy. 

Traditional yet contemporary.  

True. Maybe a little too true.


I had wanted to incorporate some of these "isms" into the blog redesign, but it didn't seem the right place.  So when I got notice that the FB page would be turning to Timeline, I thought it was time to have some fun!

Each week, I'll create a new cover photo with a new phrase.  Even better? I invite YOU to come up with some creative Modern Day Donna Reed-isms yourself and submit them to me!  If I choose your phrase, I'll credit your name in the photo.

Let's have some fun!  

Until I create an actual form or something cool like that, you can submit your ideas:  

moderndaydonnareed {at} gmail {dot} com.

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