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March 23, 2010

10 Thoughts for Today...

My mind is reeling in lots of directions today.
I thought I'd share, and maybe you can help me make sense of the madness...

1) Why does Mother Nature hate me? First the snow. Then the beautiful weather. Then the rain. WHAT THE HECK?

2) There is a weird smell in my refrigerator. It is driving me CRAZY. I know I've smelled it before. It's definitely not a good smell, but not as bad as rotten meat. For the life of me, I cannot place it. I have thrown away every suspect article from the fridge. And yet the stench remains. Help.

3) Why am I so tempted to watch 7th Heaven reruns while Little Chica naps? And why am I so easily sucked in? It's a cheesy show, right? Help.

4) Who thought it'd be a good idea to bring this into the house?

Actually, I know the answer to that. It was my mom.

5) Why are boxes of mixed chocolates so dang tempting?

6) Why do some boxes of chocolate come without a manual or guide to the nameless filled treats in the box? How the heck am I supposed to know what I am eating? It leaves me with no choice but to courageously bite into the chosen candies, in hopes of liking what I find. Sometimes it is caramel or nuts. Yay! Sometime it is strange nougat, fruit filling or marshmallow. Not so yay. I consider it my duty, though, to take one for the team. You can thank me later.

7) Why is there no one in West Chester who wants to sell me their house? We're really nice people and will take very good care of your (former) home. Please?

8) Why are Stinkbugs so creepy? And why do I become paralyzed when I happen upon one? Or the two or three we've been finding daily in our bedroom? Help?

9) Miley Cyrus. In general. I just don't get it. Why all the hype? And why does she have her own TV show? And why was she just cast in a major motion picture? And why can no one figure out that Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana. It's just a wig. Thoughts?

10) It's only Tuesday. *sigh*

Would love your thoughts. On anything. Or nothing. Check back later for a Meatless Meal recipe.



  1. I am with you and the weather.

  2. LOL! and LYLAS? OMG, junior high!

    I agree about the weather... and I watch Little House on the Prairie and Beverly Hills 90210 while Lily naps...and my house has been overtaken by stink bugs- but even more- by ladybugs.. I'm thinking about doing a ladybug post. They are EVERYwhere.. ceiling, door, floor, every room, on my toothpaste, flying around my head... I need to get one of those bug vacuum wand things!!!

    p.s. we totally need to meet up for a playdate once the weather finally makes a good turn- I'll bet Lily Bean and Little Chica would be totally simpatico! :)

  3. first of all, your blog is adorable!! i can't wait to try out some of your recipes! and miley cyrus...oh so true...it's a puzzler :)

    such a small world that you saw our house on the mls and then on our blog too! haha...the blog world is funny like that! we just sold it today, acctually! on the market for only 5 days! crazy!

    anyway, i'll be checking out your blog again! love your writing style!

  4. Fridge odor - dump out the contents of the ice bin & start over maybe?

    Miley Cyrus - I dislike her more than I do stink bugs.

  5. those 7th heaven reruns get me sometimes too...also we both have a child named after a character...i actually have two...matthew and lucy...and my name is annie...does it get creepier?? wish i lived near you so we could get the kids together to make messes... God bless you girl...love the pictures...keep eating chocolate

  6. I just found your blog yesterday and I love it. I cannot wait to try your Apricot Chicken and Enchiladas..YUM...

    Ditto on Miley Cyrus...kind of tired of her and all celebrity girls her age dressing and behaving like girls twice their age...

    As for the smell, try your freezer. I had the same issue and found that it was actually coming from something old and nasty in my freezer. If all else fails, put a fresh box of Baking Soda in your fridge or convince your hubby to buy a new one. :)

    Good luck!

  7. Hi there! Hope you are having a better day:) First of all, I love love LOVE 7th Heaven. Seriously. I just found the reruns on Hallmark or some channel that we never had before. Happy dance! I love family shows like that. I also found Touched by an Angel reruns. I am a big ball of cheese!

    For the fridge odor, no idea, but maybe you could try the things from fridgeit.com. I bought some pet ones and put them on our litter boxes. The website kind of looks like a cheesy "as seen on TV" thing, but I think they really work.

  8. I lvoe your blog :) Maybe for the whole funky smell in the fridge you could try a box of arm & hammer?? It usually helps me when I can't find where that smell is coming from :)

  9. Pssst... that weird fridge smell? It's coming from the bottle of Coffee Mate. You're welcome.

    Oh and I really, really, really, REALLY don't like Miley Cyrus. Her voice is very un-good and she can not act.

    I get sucked into 90210, Gilmore Girls and The Cosby Show.

  10. Oh and did you know that stink bugs are actually like skunks? They don't just smell when they are killed, they smell if you SCARE them. So if you come at it with a paper towel and it sees you, it will spray. But don't sneak up on it either!

    Good luck.


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