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March 23, 2010

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Yup. The title of this post accurately sums up how I'm feeling right now. I think this time last week, I shared a similar sentiment. I'm tired. A little discouraged. And uninspired.

So, forgive me. And if you are willing, hang in there with me.

And to cheer me up, send me recipes.


Meatless meal recipe to post later today. And lots of thoughts to share this week.



  1. Are you looking for meatless recipes or recipes in general. I have a great meatless one, but it's more of a "just throw it together" thing.

    Ravioli with Asparagus and Mushrooms

    1 large bag or 2 small bags frozen cheese ravioli
    1 lb. asparagus
    1 package sliced mushrooms
    olive oil
    parmesan cheese (real shredded, rather than powder if possible)

    Boil ravioli according to package instructions. Remove ends of asparagus and cut in half. Sautee the asparagus and mushrooms in olive oil until cooked to your preference. Toss veggies with ravioli and a little more olive oil. Sprinkle with cheese. Enjoy!

  2. I love you, Steph!
    Come and move to Iowa. There are lots of houses for sale in our town & in our neighborhood!!!


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