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November 12, 2014

5 Fun Features of the New Comcast Xfinity

Today I had the amazing treat of visiting the Philadelphia Magazine Design Home in Wyndmoor, PA. This home is built and outfitted in all of the latest and greatest in home design and decor, showcasing a multitude of fantastic vendors. 

My jaw pretty much stayed dropped the entire time. The Design Home is nothing short of magnificent, with its 3-car garage, marble-adorned kitchen countertops adorning dual wine closets in the dining room. Don't get me started on the fitness room, black-bottomed pool and chic outdoor spaces. And puh-lese on the Master Bedroom fit for a king (and/or queen), complete with refrigerator for your late-night snacking needs.

Friends: meet Design Home.
Design Home: meet my bloggy friends.

They clearly knew I was coming, as they stocked the pantry with an
supernatural-sized jar of Nutella. It was literally bigger than my head.

I want to roast chestnuts on a fire here. Immediately.

Did I mention the giagantoid-sized Nutella in the pantry?

Yep. I could live here.

In short: it was amazeballs.

And despite what the house will eventually sell for (more than $3 million dollars, thankyouverymuch), tickets to tour the home benefit MANNA, a Philadelphia "non-profit organization that cooks and delivers nutritious, medically-appropriate meals and provides nutrition counseling to neighbors who are battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal disease and HIV/AIDS."

I can dig that.

One of the things that most delighted me was the Comcast technology featured throughout the Design Home. As a digital influencer, technology is important and having such amazing virtual features right at our fingertips in the comfort of our own homes was pretty mind-blowing. The Comcast Freedom Team walked us through the various technological facets the Design Home had to offer. Here are the five that really won me over:

The X1 Box

The new X1 (i.e.: that box that allows your TV to show you fun and awesome shows) is above and beyond the realm of normal television watching. The guide has a new look and is easier to use (our Comcast team member guide, Jordan, is so nicely showcasing it in the picture). 

It also has social media integrated into the entertainment experience. You want to view your Facebook pictures? Just navigate to and click on the Facebook link with the remote! Looking to watch a new movie? check out the aggregated reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and Flixter on each new movie listing. And whether the show was on yesterday or is on tomorrow, if you can view it on the guide you can watch it right now.  I also appreciate the quality parental controls that are offered.

Xfinity Remotes

This may seem silly to you, but I think it's awesome. The new Xfinity remotes are RF (radio frequency controlled) as opposed to IF (infrared frequency). So where as you'd have to have a direct line of vision between the sensor on the remote and the box, you can now just click as you please. There is no more "point and shoot" television control. The box can be accessed wherever you are in the room (meaning it can be stored in a closet as opposed to set up right next to the TV). We won't judge you if you still point and click out of habit, though. Much.

Virtual Control

The Xfinity Home App is pretty much what sold me on the new and improved Comcast Xfinity. This app does everything except wash and fold your laundry. You can turn on lights, change channels and even lock your doors with the touch of a screen on your iPhone or tablet. Even if you are at work. Or in another room and you don't like what your spouse is watching on TV. ::ahem::


One aspect of the Xfinity Home app is security. The app can connect you to indoor and outdoor cameras, window and door sensors, wireless keypad and glass break sensors all on your tech devices.You can feel confident and safe in your home, and can participate in controlling and monitoring what happens in your home with the Home app.

Upgraded Customer Service

When I heard about this it was like angels and trumpets sang from the heavens.  The Xfinity Home app now allows you to virtually troubleshot and issues you may have with your system. Gone are the days of navigating a frustrating robot control system ("NO NO NO. Not 'mobile!' I said 'internet.' LET ME TALK TO A HUMAN, PLEASE") and waiting on hold for 2+ hours to speak to a representative who may or may not be able to help you. Now, if all else fails with your virtual troubleshoot, you can opt to have COMCAST call YOU at a designated time. Now that's service!


The Philadelphia Magazine Design Home will be offering one more week of tours. So get your tickets now! And if you want more info on the awesome Xfinity features, connect with Comcast on Twitter at @ComcastFreedom.

Disclosure: I was provided a tour of the Philadelphia Design Home and the Comcast features of the home. I received a Samsung Tab4 from Comcast in exchange to facilitate my review of Xfinity on the blog.

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