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November 17, 2014

15 Soups for Autumn

Today, in the Philly suburbs, it is a dreary, cold rainy day. And really, in my opinion, there is nothing worse than a cold rainy day. Why? Because if it's going to be cold and precipitate, it might as well snow.

And for those of you who vehemently disagree, I have to ask:


I digress.

One of my goals this Autumn has been to try new soup recipes. I absolutely love love love soup. But I had a very small collection of soup recipes. And I'm not terribly good at just conjuring up a soup out of the ingredients of my pantry (kudos to you, friends, with this skill set. Please, come cook me dinner). So I've been trying to expand my repertoire. As I've perused Pinterest, I've come across quite a few. It has been really fun to try the new recipes!

In an effort to continue growing my soup collection, I asked some of my favorite bloggers to share their best soup recipe pins with me. Thanks to these great gals, I now have a bunch of new recipes to try out over this Winter (which is predicted to be cold and brutal).


Now, without further ado...



Thanks to all of the bloggers who graciously shared their soup recipes pins with me. You guys are my heroes!

For more soup recipes, head over to my Soups, Stews and Sauces board on Pinterest!

What are YOUR favorite Autumn Soups?

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