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February 18, 2014

Tommee Tippee: Baby Products for Today's Families {Review}

So way back, over 5 years ago, when I first had a new baby, I was very uneducated in the ways of baby product brands. Going into Babies R Us was an overwhelming experience, with every brand boasting their product was best for your baby.  

Of course I wanted best for my baby!

Eventually, after painful research (and half-heartedly just giving up) I went with products that had strong reviews and, to be honest, looked good.

When my second came along, I was fortunate to be pregnant just a few months after my dear cousin-in-law, Jo. Jo lives in Scotland, and as we dissected mommy life, I was intrigued by the differences in our go-to products, brands and even television shows. One of the brands that I hear her tout was Tommee Tippee.

And I had no idea what she was talking about.

At the time, Tommee Tippee was not available in the United States. But a few months ago, at the November Mom Mixer, I had a chance to chat with some of the Tommee Tippee crew and was pleased to find that the Tommee Tippee products were now selling in the US!

Since it had been a while since I had a wee one, I was mesmerized by all the forward-thinking baby products:

This is the Perfect Prep Formula Machine . I love that it can make a fresh bottle for baby in less than 2 minutes. The machine does all the prep work: dispensing the correct amount of formula, mixing it with filtered water for the perfect dilution. I can't imagine how amazing this would have been when Bug started using formula!

I was finally able to bid a fond farewell to diapers a few months ago, when Bug was finally potty trained. But the smell of rancid baby diapers will forever be imprinted in my brain. I'll be honest: I never even had a diaper pail. For some reason I never thought to register for one. I WAS SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT, people. The Tommee Tippee 360 Sealer Diaper Disposal System seals each dirty diaper. You know what that means? NO SMELL. 

Hallelujah, amiright?

Then there are all the feeding products. OH HOW I LOVE THESE! 

Easy to use sippy cups, bottles with the easy-to-latch on nipple, spoons that will alert you to food that is too hot by changing color and yes, bibs that have a pocket to catch falling food.


As the mom of a…creative eater….::ahem:: I really like the Explora line of feeding products. 

They are BPA free and "truly spill proof."  If anyone has ever had to deal with milk that has unknowingly dribbled out of a leaky zippy cup, you know how important this is!


I could marry the Explora Bib . First, it wipes clean (unlike cloth bibs). It rolls up for easy travel.  And, hello, it has a pocket to catch falling food. 

The person who created this should seriously get a Nobel Peace Prize.

And while I don't have itty babies anymore, I do have up-and-coming nieces and nephews. So bottles are still a pertinent subject to me. The Closer to Nature Bottles have a nipple that is really easy for babies to latch on to, clear markings on the side for measurement and a bottle shape that is easy for baby or parent to hold.  The shape of these bottles and nipples make for a much easier transition from bottle to sippy cup down the road (and believe me, new parents: time will fly!).

For those with gassy or reflux babies, Tommee Tippee offers a special Added Comfort line. These bottles have a unique tube and valve system that allows for the proper venting during a feeding. 

Less air in bottles = less air in tummies = happier babies!

Now the only question remaining:

How can I get Tommee Tippee to make me an Adult-Sized Explora Bib?

I'll have to work on that one.

If you are on the prowl for feeding product solutions or will be attending a baby shower in the near future, Tommee Tippee is available at Babies R Us and Target.

Connect with Tommee Tippee on Facebook and Twitter. 

Have you experienced Tommee Tippee? 
What is your favorite/most helpful Tommee Tippee product?

Disclosure: I was given samples of Tommee Tippee products at the Mom Mixer as well as provided products for review thereafter. I was not otherwise compensated. All opinions are my own: they really rock the house!
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