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February 17, 2014

Dare to Dream #MotivationMonday

There was a time when we were children, and imagination ruled our days. We created fairytale stories, intricate tales woven with damsels in distress, dragons and prince charmings. A simple twin bed could quickly become a pirate ship set sail across a stormy sea, and clippings from the yard were transformed into a witch's stew stirred by an evergreen branch spoon.

As children, we hoped, and created and dreamed. We believed in the fantastic, the incredulous, the impossible. It made each day an adventure.

So, friends?

When did we stop dreaming?

Many of us will say, "Well, when we grew up."  Reality settled in, much of which presented us with hard truths and experiences. Rough spots in life have left us raw, disillusioned and jaded. We no longer believe in good, in truth, in hope. We've given up on fairytales.

As adults, we face the uncertainty of daily life: of finances, job security, parental responsibilities. It's scary to have these burdens on our shoulders, and too often have we buckled under the pressure when a fairy godmother refused to show up and save us. The money never arrives, the raise is denied, the diagnosis is grim, the love fades. We lose hope, we lose faith in wonder.

But, what if?

What if we begin dreaming again?

What if we believed that any day could bring a new adventure? That the next email could offer a new opportunity? That the next trip to the playground could provide a new friend?

There is something magical about believing something great could be just around the corner, even if life has left you believing otherwise. Perhaps allowing ourselves to dream again could give us a new perspective to wake up and tackle each day with vigor, and to see blessing where we previously would have seen a fault.

So dream friends. And restore hope. 

Because hope?

Hope is a good thing.


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