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October 4, 2013

ACCESSORIZE #FashionFriday

Today I'm linking up with Fashion Friday. Check out all the posts for more Fall Fashion inspiration!

Sometimes people don't know where to start to update their wardrobe. I know I didn't! My wardrobe seemed plain and outdated for a while. Over time, I've found inexpensive ways to add new life to my closet. I try to shop frugally, when possible. So whether it's shopping at Artifact, the local (and online) boutique where nothing is over $60 or Clothes Mentor, the local upscale consignment, I am able to add a stylish clothing item here or there without breaking the bank.

But the little known secret that many don't realize is that you don't need new clothes to update your look.

Say what?!

It's true.

First, start with the basics. Everyone has The Basic T-shirt, like the Essential Long Sleeve Crewneck T from Gap. I have this simple shirt in both V-neck and Crew Neck, in a variety of colors. This needs to be your staple. I stock up when they go on sale. These shirts are great because they are easily paired with a cardigan or under a sweater. Heck, they are great on their own if you have the right accessories.

Ah, yes. 


And there, friends, is the big secret.

If you have the basics covered, you can bring your wardrobe to life with bold accessories. In the Fall, my favorite go-to accessories are Statement Necklaces, Scarves and Earrings. 

And the best part?

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to buy them!

Thanks (or, rather, NO THANKS) to my dearest bloggy-and-real-life friend Sarah of Chesco Moms, I was alerted to a few amazeballs deal sites. On these sites, I have scored some amazing accessories, and I've never spent more than $10 (including shipping, people!). A few that are worth checking out, as they are part of Steph's Approved Deal Site List:

I get their daily emails, and I scroll through their offerings. These sites are fabulous for statement necklaces, like the ones I purchased below from GroopDealz:

I always get complimented on these babies when I wear them. And believe me when I say that is NOT a common occurence in my life.

Earrings and scarves are also good finds on these websites. Make note of how long each deal goes. As it gets closer to the end date, they may reduce the price or include shipping. I once got a cute polka dot scarf for $3 and shipping was covered!

Another source for good accessories are upscale consignment shops. Clothes Mentor has a great selection, like this mustard yellow scarf I bought a few weeks ago:

Mellow Yellow! ::swoon::

I also peruse my local Plato's Closet

I know, I know. 

Plato's Closet can be kind of teeny-boppery. Truth be told, every once in a while I do find some clothes that actually fits a real woman.  But my main reason for stopping into Plato's from time to time is the accessories. Their necklaces are super cute as well as consigned, which means they are super cheap. I find great necklaces for anywhere from $3-$7. This brown beaded necklace is one of my most favorite necklaces (sorry to my real life friends who see it far too often):

Pair a statement necklace with a simple long-sleeved t-shirt and a cardigan, and you are set. For a different look, throw a big scarf over a basic t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and boots. 


So, don't give up on new style because you can't afford new outfits. Check out Steph's Approved Deal Site List or shop your local upscale consignment for great accessories. Start with a simple base and let your accessories help you shine!

Now I want to hear from you...

Where do YOU shop for accessories? 

What are your favorite ways to find frugal deals on necklaces and scarves?

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