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September 12, 2013

Fall Fashion at Artifact Boutique #FashionFriday

I find a lot of fashion inspiration in magazines, on blogs and on Pinterest.  When I find something that strikes me, I pin it. I think to myself, "I need to find an article of clothing like this! I want to try to make this work!" I choose things that are me, that I know I could pull off as my style

Yet, there seems to be a huge discrepancy between fashion inspiration and fashion reality for me.

Does anyone feel me on that?

I like lots of different trends. But when I go shopping I never know where to start. Or I don't have the money to make it work (because let's be honest: I'm not trying to drop tons of bills on a new wardrobe).  I want to make small (and economic) changes by adding a few key pieces that I can rework with stuff already in my closet.  So where does a girl head to make her fashion realities come true?

She heads back to Artifact Boutique.

Last week I shared about this gem of a boutique located in West Chester, PA. This cute brick-and-mortar store also has a great online shop. As I said in my post, I felt like 90% of the store were articles of clothing I could see myself wearing. Also? Everything is under $60!  Dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, accessories. A great way to add a few things to an already established closet without breaking the bank this Fall!


Bug and I took a trip to the store today, and there was plenty of new merchandise to look over. Artifact gets new merchandise weekly. The blessing of this is that there is always something new to see when you go. The curse is that if there is something you are jonesin' for and decide to "wait and see," it may not be there when you get back.

(Lesson of the Day: IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT). 

Today the store had a great selection of sweaters. I'm seeing a lot of Aztec print out this Fall, so keep that under consideration as you are shopping (and let's be honest again: I'm a huge fan of The Dude. If the fashion powers-that-be give me permission to wear a Lebowski sweater? Consider me sold).

"If you want to destroy my sweaterrrrrr..."

"Obviously you're not a golfer."

I also dig these pastel pants. 

They fit really comfortably, and I could see rocking these with a white shirt with black polka dots and heels. RIGHT?!?

Untitled #16

I love dresses in the Fall. This pink one would look fab over black leggings with brown boots. On a particularly chilly day, throw a long cardigan over it for a boho-esque look.



Then I found this dress. 


TELL me this dress wouldn't be perfect on a crisp Autumn night with brown boots? Actually don't. If you tell me that I will refuse to believe you and maybe we can't be friends anymore.

So what did I end up going home with?

This super cute shirt:

This light blouse is sheer with three-quarter length sleeves and a lace trim. I loved the pinkish-orange color, which is great for Fall. And the neckline is super fun.

Why do I always look like a dufus when I pose?

I dressed it up with dark skinny jeans, brown boots and a bright yellow statement necklace. If the air was cooler, I might throw a white cardigan over it (because, let's be honest one more time: when don't I throw a cardigan over things)? A simple and stylish Fall outfit - and I only had to add the shirt!

Now I just have to decide if I need to go back and get that dress! Choices, choices!

Thanks again, Artifact Boutique!

Gratutitous Bug picture. Sorry.

What are your Fall Fashion inspirations? 
Where are you shopping for new looks?
How do you keep your fashion updates frugal?

Today I'm linking up with Fashion Friday. Check out all the posts for more Fall Fashion inspiration!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I had so much fun on my photo shoot (in which I was given one article of clothing to review), I had to go back. AND I LOVE IT THERE!

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