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July 30, 2013

Season Premiere Conflict: The Braverman Grace Hospital Dilemma

Houston, we've got a (huge) problem.

It all goes back to my friend Brie. I will blame her. Years ago, she turned me on to the show Grey's Anatomy. I'd heard her talk about it plenty, and so when Chica was just shy of two years old, I found that Lifetime had reruns of Grey's from 1pm-3pm. So I figured I'd check it out. 2 episodes.  Every day. During Chica's nap time.  It was like I was meant to fall in love with the show.

It was not too long before I was caught up in all the storage room romances, abnormally occurring crisis situations and, of course, McDreamy. And I will share that while I have stood by Grey's through thick and thin, Brie has stopped watching completely because she couldn't embrace the loss of Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey.

I have to question, were you ever really a fan, Brie??

Fast forward another two or so years. Brie calls me: 

B: You've got to check this show out. You'll really like it.
S: Which one?
B: It's called Parenthood. It's well-written and it's right up your alley.
S: What channel is it on? What day? What time?
B: Tuesdays at 10pm on NBC.
S: 10pm? Like at night?

I resisted the first year, but as Parenthood gained popularity, I decided to give it a chance during it's third season. I started with the season premiere (without having seen seasons 1 or 2, mind you) with my laptop open to the Parenthood wikipedia page so I could understand any past situations or family history. I was quickly captured by the Braverman clan, and after Season 3, I spent the summer watching Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix (and bawling my eyes out during every flippin' episode).

To say I fell in love with this show is an understatement. Every Tuesday night I live and breathe for this show. I have live Chats with friends and CSHM fans on Facebook. I rallied every time there were utterances of cancellation. I stood by when Season 4 was cut short. 

I'm a Braverman Believer.

Well now, thanks to NBC and ABC, I have a huge problem.

You see, Parenthood has been moved from it's time slot on Tuesday nights at 10pm to Thursday nights at 10pm.

I see you're all like, ""


Thursday nights are already a pretty full night for Steph TV. Somehow over the years, many of the TV shows I love have ended up on Thursday nights: Community, Parks and Recreation as well as Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy, people.

Now, I'm fortunate enough that Grey's is on at 9pm on ABC and Parenthood is on at 10pm on NBC. The debacle comes on the fated day of September 26, 2013. Quite possibly my favorite day of the entire 2013 year. Why? Because it is the night I look forward to all summer: Season Premiere Night. Each year in early September, I document my Fall TV Previews.  I share the shows I am excited to continue watching (as well as a slight recap of what happened last season), new shows I will be putting on trial and giving a chance, as well as shows that have jumped the shark and I will be letting go. Then I impatiently wait for the season premieres like a newly potty-trained toddler who has to pee.

This year, September 26 will be host to four of my Season Premieres. 


::ready for it::

Grey's Anatomy will be overlapping with the Parenthood premiere.

DARN YOU, conflicting networks! Darn you TV gods for allowing Grey's to have a 2-hour season premiere (be still my heart) and Bravermans to be moved to the same night!


So what's a girl to do?

And let me state now, I will not be accepting "Hello, Steph. That's what DVR's are for" or "You're kind of too obsessed with TV shows" or "this is the stupidest dilemma in all of history" responses. 


Instead, I will dream of a fictional TV world where the Bravermans all suddenly go to medical school and come on staff at Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Or they come on as a board of advisors and run the hospital, also renaming it the Braverman General Hospital. 


Maybe Brie would begin watching again....

UPDATE: Check out my Fall TV Preview for 2013!

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