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December 12, 2012

Steph's Parenthood Recap {Episode on 12/11/12}

I was anticipating this week's episode of Parenthood like WHOA, because the teasers they showed in the preview last week had me tearing up. And it was only 30 seconds of clips.

Parenthood. It gets me everytime.

So I was all set and ready to watch last night's episode, but I had the chance to go see a movie. What to do! What to do! I set the DVR and arrived home around 10:30pm EST, and started about 30 minutes late.

This was especially difficult, since all the lovelies on the CSHM Facebook Page were sharing thoughts (ie: spoilers) on our weekly discussion thread. I resisted temptation, and closed Facebook until I was well into the episode.


What an episode! If I should ever meet the Parenthood writing team, I'd probably babble on and on and kiss them on the mouth or something so I make a complete fool of myself. I love how they create story lines and weave tales throughout the season. And the actors. OH, the ACTORS.  Can we just give Monica Potter and Mae Whitman a big ol' high five? Mae's scene playing Amber trying to communicate with a drunk Ryan was so well played. Also?  I have NO idea how Monica Potter reaches so deep week after week to portray Kristina. And how does she make the tears come? HOW? One of the other shout outs? Craig T. Nelson. Lawd. I love the strong yet gentle man he has formed Zeke into. 

OK. I need to stop or it'll be a run down of everyone.

Here are a few quick thoughts on last night's episode:

Props to Amber

After watching her mom spend years pouring into a relationship that was going no where, I am so proud of Amber for making the hard choice: Loving Ryan but letting go (at least, temporarily). It was a definite surprise, but there is maturity to realizing sometimes SPACE is the best thing you can give yourself and the one you love. She is making the choice her mom made far too late. I still hope it will work out for Amber and Ryan. But can we agree Ryan needs to address some of his issues?


Now many of you have shared your dislike of Hank. I know I might be in the minority, but I really like his character. I'm not sold that he is good for Sarah, but I can't say for certain that he is bad for her either. Yes, he has the depression/drinking thing going for him. But he is a far cry from Seth, Sarah's ex-husband. Hank is aware of his issues, and as he shared last night, he's less unhappy than he has been. He also holds a great job and is responsible. I'm kind of #TeamHank

Sarah's Boy Troubles

As much as I like Hank, Sarah needs to take a minute and stop thinking with her heart (or other parts). She JUST had her engagement broken off by Mark, and she's jumping into bed with Hank? C'mon Sarah! This is the kind of behavior that got you into trouble in your earlier years! I didn't dislike Mark, but he wasn't my favorite. I felt maybe he was "too good of a guy" and in a different place than Sarah. (Also? He has skeevy facial hair.) Sarah needs a good guy, yes. Maybe it's Mark. Maybe it's not. But I think she needs to slow down and figure herself out a bit. Sarah seems to be trying to do this, and I felt she was making good progress. Working for Hank clearly threw a wrench in said progress, and I wonder if Hank's influence over her emotions has been going on longer than she lets on. 

My advice to Sarah: Girlfriend, you need to love and respect yourself FIRST, before any guy can come along and do the same. We love you. You need to love you.

Cancer Stinks

I've not dealt personally with cancer, but there are people in my life who have. And I appreciate the window that Kristina's affliction is opening to the public about the quiet struggles people go through with cancer. That's actually something I love bout Parenthood: the open windows into various life struggles that need a voice - Cancer, Autism, Blended Families. Monica Potter seriously deserves some kind of award nomination for her acting skills. She brings me to tears every week, as she plays the life of Kristina so raw. I love it. I don't love the thought that we could ever lose Kristina to this disease. So don't toy with me, Parenthood Writers!  But thank you for giving voice to a struggle so many have.

I Love How Zeke Loves

Zeke. He's not a perfect man. He's a war vet, and can get into his "manly" ways from time to time. In the first season, we were privy to his previous infidelity to Camille. We watched as they patched their marriage back together. Sure, Zeke can be stubborn and wants to do things his way. But gosh, can that man LOVE. We've watched as he opens his family to new people without even so much as a blink: to Jabbar, to Jasmine, and eventually to Mark, then Victor. They immediately become part of the family as though they'd always been. 

Also? My favorite is how Zeke calls all his progeny by their title. "Hey Granddaughter," or  "How are you, Son?" Or last night when he wanted to tell his "Daughter-in-law that I love her." 

The Cry Factor

Niagara Falls. Every week. Need I say more?

Congrats, Parenthood! I ended yet another episode
with red eyes, blotchy skin and wet cheeks.

Now there is a 2 week break, but I cannot wait to ring in 2013 with an all-new episode of Parenthood on 1/1/2013! Who will be watching with me??

Now it's your turn to have a say:

What are your thoughts from last night's episode? From this season so far?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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  1. I absolutely loved Zeek in that episode! wonderful! I'm like Adam in the way that I like to handle things on my own and be strong. but everyone needs support during tough times. I can't even begin to comment on Kristina's part. The video to her children had me in tears the whole time. she deserves an award for that episode. So proud of Amber but I'd like to see her and Ryan work it out eventually. And Sarah? I didn't really like Mark either. But I was way surprised when she slept with Hank! I could go on and on about this episode:)


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