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September 9, 2013

Fall TV Preview 2013

It’s that time of year again, friends! After a long Summer drought of decent TV, we return to our regularly scheduled programming!


If anyone knows me, they know I love my shows. I mourn them the moment the season finale ends, and rejoice when the season premiere begins. Last year, I gave you my Fall TV Preview 2012. In this post, I laid out the shows I would be watching regularly, the shows I would be watching hesitantly (ie: on probation), and the NEW shows I would be giving a chance.

Now it’s time to do it all over again, people. So buckle up!

Summer rarely affords good TV viewing. I did a lot of reading this Summer. That being said, I did have two shows I was digging:

Wilfred is fantastically irreverent and hysterical. But for some reason (perhaps my crazy Summer schedule), it lost me mid-season. I haven't given up on the show, and I hope to catch up at a later date. 

Under the Dome, though, has kept me intrigued. I don’t think the acting is the greatest, and some contest the variations from the book. But of all the things I could be watching over the Summer, it was interesting enough to finish the season and watch it again (yay renewal!) when the next season begins.

Updates From Last Year

If you refer to my 2012 TV Preview, I had Modern Family on Probation and Revolution on my Give a Chance list. Neither made it more than a month. Modern Family’s schedule was too off and on, and I felt the episodes I did watch didn’t have me interested and laughing like before. Revolution was just bad. I tried. But I couldn’t get into it.

Now let’s get on to the UPCOMING SEASON!

Shows I Can’t Miss

(Premieres TUE 9/17 at 9/8c - FOX)

The season ended with many loose ends, including Cece’s called-off wedding, Schmidt’s choice between Cece and Elizabeth and Nick and Jess’s relationship (trip to Mexico?!). SO many questions to be answered, and we can guarantee many laughs to be had. If there is one show on TV that is consistently laughable and quoteable, it is New Girl. Bring on more Schmidt-isms!


Parenthood (Premieres THURSDAY 9/26, 10pm - NBC)

HELLO. IT’s the one thing I’ve been waiting for MY WHOLE LIFE.



NBC moved Parenthood to a NEW DAY: Thursday. Same time (10pm). This make Thursdays very show-heavy, and if Grey’s Anatomy has a 2-hour episode I have big choices to make .


I am excited by the news of Jasmine and Crosby’s baby, and I am dying to see what happens with Amber and Ryan (there are rumors of some jealousy sparks flying from a to-be-introduced character!). Is Mark gone forever from Sarah’s life? Will Hank be back? Will Christina stay cancer-free? 

We’ll be live chatting the show every Thursday at 10pm on the CSHM Facebook Page (warning: spoilers!)

The Good Wife

(Premieres Sunday 9/29, 9pm - CBS)

In my opinion, The Good Wife is some of the BEST writing on television. Hubby always jokes that he hates all the shows I watch. Yet, every Sunday he manages to find himself in whatever room I am in at 9pm. In his words, “I don’t intend on watching it. If anything, I intend not to watch it. But if you catch even the first 60 seconds, you are sucked in and have to watch the entire episode.”


So many things happened last season that I’m still trying to get my mind around it. I felt there was going to be future reconciliation between Peter and Alicia toward the end of the season. I felt that Alicia was getting ready to say goodbye to Will. I though Alicia would be committed to her new role as Partner at Lockhart Gardner. Then *BAM* season finale. My whole world shifted. Is Alicia making the decision to go to Cary’s new firm so that she can be with Will, no strings attached? Or is she doing what is best for HER? Is she definitively closing off her relationship with Peter?

I can’t wait for this season to begin!



I know, I know. It’s been a rollercoaster ride with this show. But you know what? I love the characters. I love how complicated the inside jokes are weaved into the writing. I love Joel McHale.


Did I just say that? Chevy Chase is gone (yay!), but there are reports that Daniel Glover is leaving the show (sadness). I’d like to see them finish strong, whether that’s by having one last season or pulling it together for a few more. There is no news on when this season will begin, but I’m on the look out!

Parks and Recreation 

(Premieres Thursday 9/28, 8pm - NBC)

The town of Pawnee and their Parks and Rec department have truly grown on me the past few years. I am in love with the quirkiness and the biting humor. Will Ann still pursue single parenthood? Will we see less of April and Andy? Adam and Leslie are newlyweds in this coming season and we could see Ron Swanson as a Daddy?


Answer: I can’t.

Bring on the AWESOMESAUCE! 

Until then, study up on the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.

(Premieres Thursday 9/26, 9pm - ABC)

Yes, friends.

Last year, I had Grey’s Anatomy on PROBATION. I felt that the writing had possibly gone downhill, we’d lost key (and beloved) characters, and everything had seemingly gone to pot. Then the season began and new characters, new storylines breathed new life into Seattle Grace/Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial hospital. Wounds healed from the losses sustained from the plane crash, and life slowly became normal(ish) again for our favorite doctors.


There is always drama.

We left last season with Arizona having kissed a visiting doctor and revealing her pent-up anger toward Callie. Meredith brought her baby boy into the world. And we are still uncertain what lies ahead for Christina and Owen. I’m interested to see what happens with Karev and Jo, as well as April and Avery. So many relationships! 

AND WHAT ABOUT RICHARD? Alert reader and bloggy friend Julie from Juliverse alerted me to a GLARING plot twist overlooked in my write up.  Remember Dr. Webber was electrocuted at the end of last season's finale? WILL HE SURVIVE?

We'll find out in 2 weeks!

On Probation

The Mindy Project 

(Premieres Tuesday 9/17, 9:30pm - FOX)

Last year, I committed to giving The Mindy Project a chance. The show is decent and cute, but let me confess something: I often forget to watch it because I’m usually 1) Still laughing and quoting New Girl and 2) so giddy about Parenthood coming on directly after. Luckily, Parenthood is in a new timeslot, so I will break the precedent and give The Mindy Project another chance (and moving it to “On Probation”).

Give me all you got, Mindy!

Give a Chance

Very few shows have made it on the list this year. I feel like my TV viewing schedule has grown thin, and nothing worthwhile is on tap to fill the spaces. I looked over all of the new shows each network had to offer. Most seemed redundant or not quite my speed. These are the few that caught my eye (some are not new, but rather, new to me):

The Crazy Ones 

(Series Premiere, Thursday Sept 26th 9/8c - CBS)


(Premieres, Thursday, Sept 26, 10/9c - CBS)

The Goldbergs 

(Series Preimiere, Tuesday Sep 24 9/8c - ABC)

I don’t know enough to write a synopsis on these guys. I’ll report back, though, if they move up onto the Probation list over the course of the season!


Are you still trying to find information on what shows premiere when? My girl Dresden has got you covered. She made up a pretty (and resourceful) Guide to 2013 Season Premieres for September and October. Yes they are printable so you can pop them up on your fridge and not miss a single premiere. I LOVE these calendars. I hope you find them helpful!

Now it’s time for you to SPEAK UP!

What shows are on YOUR 
Can’t Miss/Probation/Give a Chance 

What shows am I TOTALLY 
missing out on and need to put on my viewing schedule? 

Leave a comment and join the conversation!

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