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May 15, 2013

Streaming on Netflix {To Whom It May Concern}

Dear Powers-that-Be at Netflix:

Ever since you introduced streaming a few years back, I've gladly used your services to enjoy past and present screen entertainment. Netflix streaming has allowed me to reconnect with My So-Called Life  (bestill my heart, Jordan Catalano!), Dawson's Creek and Wonder Years, as well as catch up on new loves such as Community and Mad Men.

But there are glaring holes in your television show selection. Now, I know this is not your fault. I know there is, like, a legislative process and legal mumbo-jumbo and blah blah blah that has to happen before a TV show can be released on DVD and then streaming. 

But seriously?

There are some shows that people need to reconnect with.



Here is my running list of Shows That Need To Be Streaming on Netflix (To Complete My Life), in no particular order:


A bowling alley. A "will they, won't they?" love story. And Michael Ian Black. And hello, let's not forget to mention stars like Julie Bowen, Ginnfer Goodwin and John Slattery (you mad, Mad Man). I'm not sure if you could create a better TV show if you tried. My friend Heather got me into this show a few seasons after it started. I was immediately smitten and couldn't miss an episode. There are groups rallying to have the show released on DVD (and, of course, subsequently to streaming. ::Fingers and toes crossed::). The problem appears that since it ended in 2004, the show has not been off the air long enough to be released? 

I call BS and will choose to believe there is a greater conspiracy.

Judging Amy

Seeing as my first job out of college was as a social worker who worked with the juvenile probation court system, Judging Amy was an easy win for me.  Amy Brenneman was the perfect mix of commanding judge in the courtroom and beautiful mess in her personal life.  Tyne Daily as Amy's mom Maxine always seemed to be a bit  bumbling yet confident. I loved Maxine's strength and, of course, her social worker's bleeding heart. 

In the course of it's reign, Judging Amy had several very compelling story lines, including the foster child Eric who protects the family from a stalker (by killing him) as well as the imprisoned gang member Graciela who Amy connects deeply with but eventually loses. Mixed in with the court cases and family issues are Amy's love interests (which can get pretty interesting). 

I watched Judging Amy on syndication faithfully for several years during my lunch break.  Then one day I came home on my lunch break and it was gone. I've been waiting for it's return ever since. 


I'm pretty sure this is the landmark show that spawned my current favorite medical show Grey's Anatomy. ER rocked our television airwaves for 15 years. 15 years of medical maladies, interoffice drama and steamy love scenes in medicine closets. Who didn't cry when Mark Greene passed away? I was riveted by this show once a week for many years.  I would take any of the seasons if Netflix could only release one. So intense. SO GOOD.

Pete & Pete

Do we even need to rehash the awesomeness that is Pete & Pete? My heart still skips a beat when I randomly catch the Pete & Pete theme song (Ay ya ya yaaaaai). From Pete's mermaid tattoo named Petunia to Artie the Strongest Man in the World challenging a bee, there is no shortage of intriguing entertainment. I never failed to laugh at least once during each episode, including the time I almost peed my pants where the got that kid to spit milk out of his ears in the lunch room.

The writing was genius, people.

(And let's be honest. If we are going to rally for Pete & Pete, let's also throw in Salute Your Shorts and Hey Dude, right? Especially when you can stream Hey Arnold and Dinosaurs. Seriously, Netflix? Not da Mama?)


I'm sure there are even more I am missing, but I'm prioritizing here. 

So Netflix, can you help a sister out and get on that?


And Camp Anawana?

We'll always hold you in our hearts...



UPDATE: As per the AMAZING suggestions of my AMAZING readers/fans, here are a few more that need to be added to The List:

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