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May 13, 2013

Gymagogo {Motivation Monday}

When it comes to fitness and health, it is really easy to be unmotivated.

Once we set a goal - drinking more water each day, being active several days per week, joining a gym or running a 5k - whatever the goal is, the obstacles immediately move in. We make excuses as to why we cannot complete this newly-formed goal.

"I hate the taste of water. SHHHH. I know it's tasteless."

"I'm too busy to commit to being active 5 days a week! What was I thinking!"

"3.2 miles? Ha! I can't even run one! Why even try?"

"It's nice to have a gym membership, I just never seem to find time to go!"

"I'm intimidated by everyone who will watch me flounder and fail as I try to be fit."

Sound familiar?

These are all goals I've made at various times over the past few years. I've continued my commitment to my Water Challenge of drinking 8 glasses of water per day. It is hard some days, but I've gotten into a great routine, and I feel much better when I hydrate properly. Being active several days per week and running 5k's actually go hand in hand. Despite facing some running injuries this year, I've overcome them and started running again. I aim to run 3-5 times per week. And after a long injury-laden hiatus, I ran my first 5k since September this past Saturday.

And I totally PR'd!

But joining a gym?

Joining a gym still totally unmotivates me.

I have plenty of reasons why: the cost, the hours not syncing with my schedule, laziness (ie: actually getting into a car and getting to the gym), and the Intimidation Factor. This might be the biggest one. Whether it is taking a class or using the fitness room, I am very self-conscious of my ability (or lack thereof). Even though it's silly, I hate feeling like the dope who does all the wrong moves in an aerobics class or the poser who stands there scratching her head because she has no idea how to use a particular exercise machine.

Heaven help me if I am ever that person who falls off the treadmill.

Well, then I met Gymagogo. 

And I'm pretty sure my life has been changed forever. I was 
recently introduced to this online service. They contacted me and asked if I'd like to check out a class and give them my honest opinion. I will be completely honest: when I was first contacted I was like, "Ehhh, ok." I couldn't imagine how it would be any different than using a fitness DVD (which have never really worked for me in the past). So I had pretty low expectations. I said yes, though, and signed up for my class. The night my class rolled around, I made sure my computer was all ready, and then?

And then my expectations were totally blown out of the water.

You see, until I took the class I didn't really grasp how revolutionary Gymagogo was. It's the best aspects of a gym, fitness class, personal trainer and Skype, all wrapped into one pretty package. Think Video Conference meets Pilates Class. The idea of Gymagogo is that you are connected to a live class run by a certified teacher (I happen to take a Pilates class). The teacher is able to see all of the class members, but you are only about to see the teacher. So you have all the amazing benefits of being at a class (real interaction and feedback) without the intimidation (ie: no one can see you), all in the comfort of your home.

And the best part?

It's totally free right now.


I chose a Pilates Class for 8:30pm on a Tuesday night (yes, I had to DVR New Girl, but it was totes worth it). I love that Gymagogo offers a variety of times, so you are sure to find something within your scheduling ability. This is especially awesome for busy moms. So while you might not be able to keep your eyes open at 8:30 at night,  you could possibly squeeze in a class before preschool pick up at 10:30am. See? CHOICES.

Before the class, I was sent several email reminders, as well as a personal introduction to the certified teacher, Lauren. If I wanted to learn more about Lauren, I could click over to her bio.  Gymagogo also sent me an easy-to-use guide to downloading the video plug-in (which was no problem to download), as well as a step-by-step system check to make sure I was actually able to connect to the video service (I was).

T-30 minutes before class started, I got one last email reminding me to get ready. So I gathered my yoga mat, put on my workout clothes, and set myself up in my enclosed porch for privacy and comfort. Lauren greeted us all as we logged on. She helped me get positioned just right so she could assess my moves throughout the class. As the class started, we were all put on mute, so we could only hear Lauren and her directions. Lauren did an amazing job of verbally directing us, and she was in a room with a mirror so we could really see her body positioning through each move. I had NEVER done Pilates before, so it was so awesome to get individual feedback throughout the class.

"Stephanie, push your right hand back a little bit so it's under your shoulder."

"Ok Steph, that looks good!"

"Steph, make sure your ankles are touching."

"Hold that position, Steph, and try to keep your head down."

It was truly a personal experience, and I almost forgot that she wasn't in the room with me.  I felt like I got a great workout (I was actually "good sore" the next day!), and I was super glad I didn't have to jump in a car and drive home afterwards (because, hello, I was already home).

If committing to or getting to the gym is filled with obstacles for you, but you still want to focus on your health and fitness, I cannot praise Gymagogo enough. I was seriously impressed. They'll be adding more classes in the future (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Zumba and Abdominal Workouts!), so check back to see what other workouts are available!

So the only question left is:

Who wants to join me this Tuesday for Pilates at 8:30pm?!

Let's get MOTIVATED!

To learn more about Gymagogo, check out their website or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.



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