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May 16, 2013

Put On Purple for Lupus Awareness!

CSHM Community Member Jeanene has something she'd like to share

"Howdy all! 

Tomorrow is POP: PUT ON PURPLE. 

The reason? LUPUS AWARENESS!!! Lupus is an auto-immune disease which effects mostly women and tomorrow is the day you can show support and awareness by wearing PURPLE!"

She explains more about Lupus and her story in this video:

I first "met" Jeanene when she started popping up on the CSHM Facebook page over a year ago. I loved her passion, her humor and her creativity. She's become a true friend, despite the fact we've never actually met (details, details). Over time I learned more about Jeanene's life: her beautiful little girl, her husband's Car-B-Que, and finally her struggle with Lupus.

Jeanene, a 31 year old active member of CSHM, has been dealing with the effects of Lupus since her diagnosis 14 years ago at age 18. She did a guest post a few months ago about her life as a mom living with Lupus. And we have a great opportunity to support her.


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to WEAR PURPLE TOMORROW: a t-shirt, an old prom dress, a wig. Then snap a pic and share your photos (with an optional message) on the CSHM facebook page!

Let's show our support for her and the rest of those affected by lupus - Put on your PURPLE!

Who's in?!

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