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May 20, 2013

Better Direction for West Chester #WCASD

Did you know tomorrow is an election day?


Most people don't.

We think of elections being in November and involve putting people into the office of President.  But Primary elections are in May. More specifically, tomorrow. Most of the offices and positions being filled are not these Big National spots. Rather, they are local. And that is important. These positions - school board seats, borough council, etc - are the very positions that directly affect your local community. They make decisions about how your towns and school districts are run. They are essential to the healthy growth of community.

And we all know how I feel about community, don't we?


I believe strongly in building and investing in strong communities - where you live, where you work, where you hang out. Mom communities, school communities, borough communities. Happy communities are happier places to live. 

I recently wrote a post sharing about my deep appreciation for teachers, which stems from being the wife of an English teacher as well as the family member and friend to many more educators.  These are the people in which we are entrusting our children's educations (which directly impacts our futures!). In this post I expressed my disappointment in the school board of the district where my husband works. And no, not just because he works there. Rather, because it is the district we both graduated from, where our family members graduated from, and where we hope to have our kids graduate from. 

We care very much about the community of the West Chester Area School District.

So you can imagine it has been heartbreaking to watch the current school board pick away at the quality of the WCASD. From making poor financial decisions to villianizing teachers, most of the members of this board have worked to decrease the quality of our district. 

I believe it's time to go in a Better Direction. 

We need a change in guard, and I have been very impressed with the Better Direction for West Chester candidates running for school board.  They believe in quality education, financial responsibility, and best of all?


These are board members that I believe will rebuild our strong WCASD community, should they be elected onto the school board.

If you plan on voting tomorrow in West Chester and are tired of being misrepresented by a school board that does not represent your values, please consider checking out the Better Direction candidates. Together we can improve the quality of our schools, support our teachers, and strengthen our community.

2 Thumbs up. 

Better Direction for West Chester

And friends?

Please VOTE!

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