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March 14, 2013

Hair Woes


It's that season again. The season where I get completely bored with my hair and antsy to try something new and different but a little scared to try something new and different.

It's a curse, really.

Almost 2 years ago, a few months after Bug was born, I wrote THIS POST requesting reader advice on what I should do with my long and boring locks (complete with a gallery of past haircuts. It's a fascinating post - seriously. Check it out). It had been a long time since I'd cut my hair and time left it a bit lack luster. I've been through the gamut of haircuts: super long, super short, layered, bangs, etc. 

I bit the bullet and got it cut (a little shorter with side bangs), but shared how I was very unhappy with the new 'do. The "layers" (which I didn't ask for) were jagged and uneven, and the bangs just were NOT working (even though I'd had bangs in the past).

So I had to grow it out. This is a long and arduous task. I got sick of growing it out about 6 months later, only to cut it into a bob with shorter side bangs.  This was a mistake because the hair just wouldn't lay right. So off I went, grow grow growing again.

Well, it's been over a year since my last hair cut (I know - those of you who are good about getting regular trims are probably vomiting in disgust right now. Sorry. Scheduling a salon appointment and actually attending said appointment sans kids? Ain't nobody got time fo' that).  The hair is long. Lack-luster. It kind of just hangs limply. So sad. 

Once again I come to you, Dear Readers.

What shall I do with my 'do?

I am open to any kind of haircuts or adjustments to my current style:

Without make-up - be afraid! Be very afraid!

WITH the following notifications and exceptions:

1) I will not dye my hair. Yeah, I've got a few straggly greys. SO what. I'm going to age naturally and beautifully, dangit!

2)  My hair is straight. Very straight. Abnormally straight. So if you send me pictures, pins or videos of potential haircuts that involve locks with even the slightest wave, it will be disregarded. There is no wave. No curl. Even the strongest of curling irons and the hottest of curlers do very little to make a (literal) dent in this mop. So please take that into account with any suggestions.



Leave your suggestions in the comments!  Feel free to leave pins, pictures to give me a visual.

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