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July 5, 2012

S'more Bonding, Please

When Chica became a big sister, her world was definitely rocked. She went from having the full attention of both parents during all her waking hours.  Life as we knew it somewhat revolved around her. 

OK. That might be a strong statement.

All that to say, she was used to the 3 of us: Me, Hubby and her.  She was used to our attention being undivided, and all time was quality time because it was spent between us and her.

Enter the birth of Bug.

To say that my heart has grown twice as big to accommodate loving both girls would be an understatement. She has added so much joy, and we love being a family of four.  Bug has only known sharing her parents with Chica, so I love sneaking in pockets of time just with Bug when Chica is at preschool or dance class.  

But sometimes? Sometimes I miss the special moments of solo time with Chica.  

So recently, I capitalized on a cloudy day and decided to have some indoor bonding time with my older girl during Bug's nap time. 

Just me and Chica. 

Chica and me. 

And it was fantastic.

Chica and grabbed a box of graham crackers, and I grabbed the marshmallows and Hershey's bars.  

Yep. We decided to make S'MORES!  You might be asking, "But you are indoors. Please tell me you did not light a fire in your home to roast those suckers."


I happen to have a fun mother-in-law who once gifted me one of those As Seen On TV Microwave S'more Makers, so it was S'MO S'MEASY (see what I did there?) No rain clouds were going to get in the way of Mommy-Chica bonding time! 

While I assembled and micro-roasted the s'mores, Chica laid out a blanket and put on a movie.

I threw inhibition to the wind (i.e.: I decided to not let myself dwell on the marshmallowy mess that was about to ensue), and enjoyed a solid hour of bonding time with my girl. 

No. There was no fire, no marshmallows on sticks. There wasn't a huge crowd of people catching lightening bugs or telling stories around the campfire.

But can I tell you it was the best s'more making non-bonfire I've ever been apart of.

And I hope that there will be s'more in the future.

(See how I worked that in again?)

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  1. So cute! I always wondered how those microwave s'more makers worked.

  2. Popping in to say hi and introduce myself! Jeff (boyda) actually told me about you--said you guys knew each other (young life, I think?)--anyway, he dates my sister! And he knows I'm a blogger too--and said he knew another mom blogger. So, hi :)

  3. This is so cute! What an adorable thing to do and go you, Mom, for making the time with your daughter special :)


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