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April 25, 2012

Things Moms Say: Fears

Being a parent can be a lot things: fun, overwhelming, humorous, embarrassing and tiring.  One thing that we've all felt as parents, though, is fear.  We don't like to admit it, because most of the time we'd like to at least give the impression we've got it all together and our parenting experience is all roses.  

But, caring for small lives can be a seriously daunting task, and as we are thrust into the roles of Mommy or Daddy, it can be pretty darn frightening.  Our love for these little beings is so great, that some of our greatest fears are wrapped up with them. 

Today, some of the Philly Social Media Moms bravely share those things, deep inside all of us, that scare them the most as parents.  I appreciate their honesty, and think we'll all be able to identify with their responses...

What scares you the most as a parent?


"How quickly my child(ren) could be gone"  -  Heather from Keeping it Real in the Kitchen

"Trying to raise an independent, confident and positive daughter in a world that is filled with the oversexualization of young girls"  -  Becky from Crafty Garden Mama 

"My kids repeating my mistakes. It keeps me up nights trying to imagine my children doing the things I was doing at various ages. But my biggest fear is one that I think almost all parents have, and that is the fear of them being taken, lost, abducted. The odds are fairly low, but I can't imagine much that is scarier"  -   Michelle from Mommy Confessions

"My children wandering off or being taken scares me to death! I get very anxious when I take them somewhere, like the zoo, and there are only 2 of them right now. Can't imagine what 3 will be like!"  -  Stephanie from Mamma Bear's World 

"Besides the main scare of losing them, I'm scared that when they grow up I will find out everything I have done to raise them was wrong. What if all the choices I made as a mom were bad ones?"  -  Cindy from Whatever Works

"The fact that it's very likely that my son will never be independent, and I won't be here forever Sorry to be a downer, but that is what keeps me up at night"  -  Lisa from A Day In Our Shoes

"Burying my children"  -  Pam from I Forgot What I Was Doing

"Everything that is out of my control,as their parent, scares the heck out of me!"  -  Sarah from Finnegan and the Hughes

"I worry about losing my kids. My ds6 once hid for an hour under our porch. It scared the living daylights out of us. He's so friendly, and my ds3 is just so 3 that I'm scared someone will take them"  -   Barb from A Life in Balance

"Something terrible happening to my kids. If I let myself, my imagination can scare the rest of me into a tiny dark place of immobility. It TERRIFIES me"  -  Hillary from My Scraps

"To be totally honest, everything about being a parent scares me. Losing them, bad guys, drugs, teen issues & my kids are 8.5 & 4---already afraid for what is to come!"  - Jessica from Delaware County Moms 

"For both my girls: that somehow we will lose them. For my oldest: it is the fear that cancer will come back. For my youngest, it is the fear she will be left without a sister"  - Trish from Yoke

"Outliving my child scares me to death!"  -  Randi from SAHM's Crazy Life

"The fact that I'm a parent! Seriously, though, the list is so long. It's a scary world!"  -  Steph from A Grande Life 

"Losing my children. Hands down that's what scares me the most. The idea that I would outlive them is terrifying"  -  Jennifer from Harmonic Mama

"am terrified that everything I am doing is going to screw my daughter up. That she will not heed my advice and make every mistake that I have made"  -  Rachee from Say it Rah-shay

"Cancer. I almost hate even writing it down, like I could be jinxing myself, but after watching a friend lose her baby to cancer, it just terrifies me"  -  Debi from Who Says 8 is Enough

"I am one of the biggest (literally theses days as baby 3 pregnancy comes to an end) helicopter parents you will ever meet. I watch them like a hawk at all times! Even check on them at night still at ages 7 & 4, I am scared to death of ever being separated from them. Recent news stories of child abductions/home invasions doesn't help either. I am afraid of them not being accepted by peers, I am afraid of bullies, peer pressure, I am afraid one of them will get sick, I could go on and on, but basically I am afraid of everything! They are my world!"  -  Sarah from Philly Burb Moms

"My child going into anaphylaxis"  -  Jessica from Found the Marbles


More to come next week.  Until then, we'd like to know:

What scares YOU most about being a parent?

Leave a comment below...


  1. These are all such real and haunting fears. It's a reminder of our huge responsibility as parents and how anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

  2. What scares me is that one day they will grow up to hate me for all the things I wouldn't let them do eating junk food cause its not healthy, not sleeping over a friend'S house at age 7, making them wear bike helmets, going to church, eating dinner together, etc. All the sacrifices I make for them giving my last dime , buying them everything a kid can want, vacations , parks hardly ever buying myself something cause I end up in the kid's clothes section and one day I fear of them hating me. P


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