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April 30, 2012

Hairstyle Advice Wanted: Weddings

Happy Monday, friends!

So, last summer I asked you for advice on what I should do about my hair. You were amazing with responses, suggestions and even links to photos you think would work with my hair type.

Have I mentioned you all are awesome?

After the haircut, I was unfortunately unhappy with the results. But you were right there to help me through it.  I eventually went back to get it fixed after your encouragement.

My hair is in a funny "growing out" phase after getting a just-under-the-chin bob right after Thanksgiving. The bangs are growing out (still not sure if I should grow them out or cut them again - that may be a post written in the VERY near future), and although I can put my hair in a ponytail, not all the hair will stay pulled up.

Here's the thing: my littlest sister, Jess, is getting married over Memorial Day Weekend (yay!  huzzah!  rejoice!).  I've been looking through hairstyles on the web and on Pinterest, but I'm not completely sure what I should do with my locks on the day of the wedding.

Which is why I am asking for your help, once again.

Some things to remember about my hair as you look through some of the options: my hair won't completely go up on it's own (although I know there are bobby pins, clips and hair products for this issue), and it's VERY straight and hard to curl.

Here is the length it is currently (taken about a month ago):

I have no idea why I am a squinting like a weirdo.

Here are a few options I am considering...

The French Twist 
(so classic and stately - but is my hair long enough to pull it off?)

The Bump 
(bringing the grown-out bangs back and bumped up a bit, the rest down and gently curled under - or twisting the bottom hair up?)

Half Twist 
(partially pulled back in a french twist)

Or should I go for something completely different? Cut bangs again? Keep my hair down with a cute headband?  

I'd love to hear your suggestions - so leave your ideas in the comments below (if you can, leave a link or URL to a picture because I'm a visual learner). 

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. Don't do anything that is style changing for 1 event, i.e. bangs. ESPECIALLY if you aren't sure you want them again.

    I vote for the half twist - very soft and pretty.

    If you're looking for a new hair stylist, I can recommend my place - I have been going for 4 years, they are very affordable and I've been very happy. (This is coming from the girl who, for 3 years, drove back to NJ every 6 - 8 weeks for HAIR CUTS.)

  2. Half Twist, very subtle in a glam way.


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