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October 14, 2011

Blogger Spotlight: A Grande Life

Happy Friday! 

If you are anything like me, you love discovering new blogs to read. It's kind of like making a new friend. I love having a new place to check into, a new life to explore, new stories to get lost in. I have so many great bloggers I read and am in community with from Philly Social Media Moms, it'd be a shame not to introduce you to some of them, so you can fall in love with their blogs too!

As you may have learned, I'm not huge into pushing or promotions (being aggressive is not one of my stronger qualities). So you know that the blogs I'm sharing have the Steph Stamp of Approval (I just made that up. But I'm certain it will become a national rating in the near future) - and worth your time to check out.

So over the next few months, I'll spotlight a few AMAZING bloggers each week.  I've sent them all a few questions for them to answer. Some will read like an interview, others will write a small post.  Either way, you get to meet the awesome ladies behind the blog, as well as their great stories.

I hope you make a few new "friends" along the way!



Hey everyone! I'm Steph from over at A Grande Life.

I am just your average mom to two young boys {ages 3 years and 5 months} who's just trying to figure this whole mom thing out, especially as a newly work at home mom. Thankfully, I have the help of my two trusty side-kicks: coffee {and lots of it} and my camera.

I use my blog to help me sort the every day out: those things that I just can't figure out on my own. I started blogging back when I was pregnant with my oldest son, E, and I just haven't stopped!

But why do I do it? Because it's cheaper than therapy! I love the support that I have found through the blogosphere. I have met some of the most amazing and talented people. Without my blog and social media {you can find me on twitter and facebook}, I wouldn't even know they existed! When I am not capturing my own family's memories, I am very busy capturing others. I am a momtographer turned pro {which is still so weird for me to say out loud}. Needless to say, my sidekicks don't stray too far away from me!

When I am not blogging {or taking pictures}, I often day dream of laying on the beach in Riveria Maya, Mexico {like I did on my honeymoon} with an adult beverage in hand while listening to some horrible 90's pop music. But in reality, I'm more likely laying on the couch in a self-induced chocolate lovers trash coma while the kids are schreeching and singing "Hello Everybody" for the three-hundredth time.

If you need a little caffeine infusion with a side of adorable pictures, swing on by. I am always serving it up piping hot and fresh!


Thanks to Steph for sharing.  More bloggers to come next week!  Be sure to stop by their bloggy homes and hang out for a bit :)

Have a good weekend!


  1. Nice intro to your series - it's nice to learn a little more about women in PSMM.

  2. I love this idea for a series! I already read and love A Grande Life, but hoping to find some new blogs, too!


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