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October 17, 2011

Fashion? Help?

Fact: I am completely unfashionable.

I'm not, like, fashion blind.  It's just that I prefer to be comfy. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. If I could live my life wearing a soft, worn in t-shirt (not big and bulky, but the kind that clings and flows in all the right places), a pair of old jeans that hug my curves in all the right way (while flaring out a bit at the bottom, because that's how I roll) and a pair of birkenstock sandals, I'd be a happy girl.  I don't like the feeling of not being able to move my arms with a full range of motion or wear a material that's itchy or...look like I'm trying to hard to be something I'm not.

I'm also a stay-at-home mom. And let's be honest: If I'm not leaving the house on any given day, why would I waste awesome outfits on the interior walls of my house (and my children who, inevitably, will mar said outfits with juice, mashed food and spit up)?

But, I'm not fashion blind. I see the fashions. And, hey, I kind of like some of the cooler trends going on.  I'm inspired by fashionable friends and local fashion bloggers on a daily basis. I see an outfit they are wearing or blogging about, and I'm all, "I want to wear that! I think I could pull that outfit off!"

My problem? I don't know where to start.

I'd love to show up at the mall or a playdate in a reasonably cool outfit, or confidently wear something trendy for a date night out. Who wouldn't want to turn a few heads with the clothes they put on that morning?

I can appreciate an outfit that someone else has already put together.  But plop me in a store with the instructions, "Here's $500!  Pick out cool outfits! Run free!  RUN FREE," I'd be lost. Completely lost.  I'd end up with an armful of plain scoop or v-neck stretch t-shirts and maybe a plain sweater.  I'd probably grab a pair of jeans, but they would mostly be the wrong cut for my body.  

And accessories?

Forget it.

I also don't have a ton of money to spend on a new wardrobe.  And by "don't have a ton of money" I mean no money.  Well, maybe a little bit of money.  All that to say, I need to get some good staples into my clothing rotation at a good price, but without sacrificing style.

So...I need your fashion advice:

What fashion staples do you think every girl needs in her closet? 

Leggings? Skinny jeans? Cowl-neck sweater? Ballet flats? Hammer pants? (I'm obviously a bit behind on this year's fashions).  I'm looking for functional pieces that I can use with an assortment of outfits. 

What accessories are good to have on hand to complete an outfit? 

A long silver necklace? Dangly earrings? A cute barrette? A cool knit hat? A scarf? 

Where do you shop to get quality fashion for a reasonable price?

 Do such stores exist? Or do I need to win the lottery to dress cool?

Here's your challenge (if you choose to accept it)

Leave a comment with your fashion advice for me.  I'd LOVE for you to link to stores or outfits, post a picture, or even write a blog post in response (if you write a post, comment with the link).  

For those who are fashionably adventurous: 

I have a greater (and super fun) challenge:  Create some trendy outfits for me at Polyvore and then share.  C'mon - what else are you doing during nap time?

Can't wait to see what you all share and come up with.  Even more, I can't wait to go shopping!

Happy designing!


  1. I like to shop at New York & Co. They're always having some kind of sale so you cans tock up on the essentials and save some money. I usually save more than I spend there. They also have nice jeans. Other than that, I'm kind of in the same boat.


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  4. DARN IT! I just left you this long comment and then realized I was signed in as "Mrs. Wisneski" and got all embarrassed and deleted it without copying it properly. RAAHHHRRR!

    But here's the gist of what I said: a few colorful tops, a pair of sweet boots, some fun scarves, long necklace or two. Mix and match for fun outfits galore!

    Old Navy and Target are two of the stores I frequent for fun, inexpensive staples. Good luck!!

  5. Kohls is a great place to shop because they always have awesome sales + very in trend clothes. A good pair of dark jeans is always a good option w/ some feminine/flowy blouses. And ballerina flats are great to wear cause they r comfy and cute.

  6. PLEASE let me know when you find something! My kids think I am "dressed up" if I', not wearing my uniform...(aka sweats:)

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