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April 7, 2011

To Whom It May Concern...

Dear The Powers That Be at Netflix,

I'll be honest: I wasn't originally a huge fan of your instant streaming program.

We'd been satisfied members of your DVD mail program for a year or two when the instant streaming program was born. That year for Christmas we got a Wii, and found that we could stream movies and shows instantly to our TV. Back then, you had a weird and eclectic assortment of videos one could watch through instant streaming. Many of the movies were B list, C list, if not F list. Movies made with a budget that I'm sure did not exceed $10,000. Maybe not even $1,000.

Movies i'd never heard of.

Movies no good person would (or should) ever view.

There were some redeeming qualities to your instant streaming. You had all of Arrested Development in your queue (and we all know how much I love this show). You had a few movies from a decade or two ago that made me nostalgic. Hubby found some good documentaries. So it was not all bad.

Over time, this programming option became more popular. To appease the masses, your selection became more varied, more popular. More heard of. I appreciate that you've added recent/present television shows and a handful of worthwhile movies. I even find myself browsing your selection more, eager to find something to watch.

Then yesterday, while perusing your site, I found this:


All 19 episodes of teenagey angst, misanthropic beauty. Every faux plaid oversized button-up shirt. Every awkward moment. Every pressing issue. Every voiced-over narration that had spoken straight to my overwhelmed and wanting pre-teen heart.

Every minute of Jordan Catalano.

Have I at all mentioned how much I *loved* the 90's?

So kudos, Netflix. You're finally starting to get it right.

Your Truly,


  1. Confession: I've been dyeing my hair red since Angela did when we were in 9th grade. I was her. Or at least a more awkward, less cool, version of her.... On an unrelated note, if you watch Grey's Anatomy, did you notice that 2 of the characters from the show were on this season: her dad and Rickie :)

  2. YES YES YES. I loved that show, and very few shows have come close to the love I have for it!!!

  3. I have a confession. I actually own the complete series on VHS and on DVD! I loved that show :-)

  4. I've never seen it but it's been on my Netflix streaming queue for a long time now. I might have to check it out soon. I recently got hooked on the show Greek and I watched the entire series on Netflix. Oh yeah, I also started watching Roswell, definite blast from the past!

  5. If only they'd offer Freaks & Geeks for streaming...


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