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February 2, 2010

They Let Me Write Here Too...

I've been given the awesome opportunity to contribute a few times a month to the awesome blog, They are a sister site to the larger national site Silicon Valley Moms Blog.

I'm very excited - my first post was just published! And I wanted to share it with you all! You can check it out here: Steph's First Philly Moms Blog Post.

Don't worry - I'll contribute there a few times a month, but my love still remains here, at Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom. So keep on reading!

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  1. That was great! Very funny! I don't think Little Chica knows what "mock" means. I think it was you I told about the Super Nanny book, but it is really helpful. It's kind of like the real moms guide to parenting. Her techniques are practical and easy to follow. I need to break that book back out myself since Cameron is being a little punk lately. Good luck with whatever you do.


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