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November 20, 2009

Frugal/Freebie Friday: Just In Time For The Holidays!

I came across these AWESOME deals as I was Blog Surfing 2 of my favorite blogs:

I admire the hard work these women put into their daily blogging, allowing so many of us to benefit from great deals!

These particular deals are perfectly timed with the upcoming holidays. I was planning on doing the usual Photo Cards to send out to friends and family for Christmas. This can sometimes run me upwards of $30 (or more, if I realize last minute there are people I forgot. Oops). This includes the photo cards and envelopes.

Can I tell you that I just ordered 50 Photo Cards and 140 Address Labels? Do you want to know my grand total for these purchases?


I'm not even kidding.

Head over to Mama Cheaps to read about how to get 140 free Address Labels from Vista Print (I only paid $3.50 for express delivery), and to Freebies 4 Mom for info and promo code for 50 free photo cards from SeeHere buy Fujifilm.

I will let you know when the cards and labels arrive!


I love free stuff. *sigh*

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  1. I used the Freebies4mom coupon for the SeeHere- Fugifilm deal and ended up paying $3.19 for s/h. still not a bad deal - considering you get 50 free cards.

    Thanks so much, I think Freebies just got a new reader to her blog. ;)


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