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October 7, 2009

Rethinking Holidays: Revolution Gift Idea #2

Rethinking Holidays

This is a great gift that I came across last year, as I scoured the internet for new and exciting handmade creations. I love this gift because: You make the gift yourself (which makes it personal), the gift is personalized with the recipients name (which makes it literally personal), it is EASY to make (ie: I can do it), and can be made for roughly $15 or less per gift.

Frugal. Handmade. Easy. Love it.

Revolution Gift Idea #2:
Etching Pyrex

Materials Needed:

1) Glass Bakeware (13x9-inch, 9x9-inch or 8x8-inch) - $10/dish
2) Etching Kit - $20-$30 (makes several projects)
3) Stencils - $5 (reusable for infinate projects)

I gave etched bakeware to my sister and mother-in-law for Christmas last year, etching their initials into the bottom of the dish. I think it was a great gift, because they both love to cook and bake. If they make food for a party, they can be sure that they will go home with THEIR dish, since it has their initials on it! Awesome!

Now, you do not have to use the brand name "Pyrex." Anchor Hocking and other lesser known brands can be found in any store. At Walmart, you can buy a set of (2) 13x9-inch glassware baking dishes for $19.99. If you go for a no-name brand, the cost would be even less. Also consider using square glassware baking dishes (8x8-inch or 9x9-inch), which typically come with a lower price tag.

Etching involves using a corrosive cream (in this case, over a stencil)to create an image on glass. The cream, when wiped away, leaves an image of the stencil you are using by corroding the image into the glass. One of the investments needed for this project is an Etching Kit (which gives you the cream, paintbrushes, tape, and other material needed) and letter stencils (if you choose to go the monogram way). An Etching Kit will run you between $20-$30. At Target, you can get an Etching Kit for $25. They also sell similar Etching Kits at craft stores like Michaels or JoAnn Fabric. Stencils, which will cost $5 or less, can be found at these stores as well. The investment of about $30 for the Etching Kit and stencils will last you for several projects (I'd say atleast 5, if not more), so it is WELL worth the cost.

I do not have pictures from last year to visually show you how I went about this project. For a GREAT tutorial (which I used last year) on how to Etch a Pyrex Bakeware Dish, see THIS BLOG POST.

If you attempt this project, leave a comment or send pictures of the finished product! If you have Revolution Gift Idea, send it my way!

Will you join me in Rethinking the Holidays? Leave a comment, and welcome to the journey!

Check back next week for Revolution Gift #3!

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  1. I really like this idea...whenever I bring a dish to a family dinner, we always get mixed as to who brought what dish. I think it's practical and clever. I may try this :)


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