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October 6, 2009

Local Flavor: West Chester Chili Cookoff

Looking for something awesome to do this weekend?


This weekend hosts an event I look forward to ALL. YEAR. LONG. If you are a West Chester native, I'd imagine you are looking forward to it as well. Do you live within a reasonable drive to West Chester, PA? Then I dare say you'd be wrong to miss it!

~Local Flavor~

This event is an amazing culmination of skill and deliciousness. The Chili Cookoff combines 2 of my favorite things: West Chester and Chili. For $10, guests are given exclusive wristband. This wristband allows you to sample ANY AND EVERY CHILI that is entered into the contest. Team categories include Businesses, Restaurants, Non-Profits and Hometown Cooks/Volunteers.

I have gone to the West Chester Chili Cookoff several times running. Every time, I have had the chance to try the most unique Chili's I could have imagine. Hot, Spicy, White, Vegetarian, Exotic Beefs, etc. Some are great, some only sub-par. Apart from the Chili, there are plenty of vendors along the rows as well, with shopping and other culinary treats to ease your burning mouth.

The best part? YOU get to vote for the BEST CHILI. I love having such power in my hands...

This downtown event is fun for the WHOLE FAMILY. If you live remotely close, and want something out of the ordinary to do this Sunday, I'd really encourage you to come out.

Perhaps you'll see me there!

Here are the details plain and simple

What? 7th Annual West Chester Chili Cookoff
Where? West Chester, PA (Gay Street)
When? THIS Sunday, October 11, 12pm-3pm, with awards ceremony starting at 3:30pm

For more information, go to the WEST CHESTER CHILI COOKOFF WEBSITE!

I hope to see you there, mouths a'burnin...


  1. This really is a fun event! CCS was part of it last year and I enjoyed going up and down the street trying all the chili and other yummy treats. I will be away this weekend, otherwise I'd so be there!

  2. I've been to everyone and will be there.

    And good to find another West Chester blogger. You should check my blog out.

    Also, if you're on Twitter there's a big West Chester group. My Twitter name is @DrZibbs


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