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May 19, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

As I've been on this kick for getting healthy and natural foods, I wanted to highlight a local, independently-owned natural foods store. In yet another unsuspecting strip mall along Market Street as you leave downtown West Chester, is a hidden (organic) gem...

607 E. Market Street, West Chester, PA

Yes, Charlie Brown, it IS the Great Pumpkin! Just 2 storefronts long, this little Mom&Pop's-type grocery store is jam-packed with awesome, natural products. In West Chester, we are not terribly close to some of the bigger natural food chains, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's (they are around, but a solid 30+ minute drive). So I am left with the option of going to the local chain grocery stores and scanning the ONE natural foods aisle, but why bother? The Great Pumpkin has everything one needs in plentiful quantities. And it is a small local business, which I am proud to support.

I stopped there last night to pick up more Blue Agave Nectar, the newest natural sweetner I am using. As my little chica and I wandered around, we found more and more products for later purchase:

The Vital Wheat Gluten that I need for homemade 100% whole wheat bread can be found here (after I agonizingly searched each grocery store in the area, and not wanting to buy online). Veggie Bootie, a great snack for my little chica, can be found here as well. There are plenty of Green products to further fuel the Becoming Greener campaign. Something I've wanted to try is a product called Soap Nuts (a natural soap/laundry soap that grows on trees!), and it was on display at the GPM. All sorts of fun food and produce line the aisles, as well as advertisements for free chair massages on Tuesdays (note to self: stop by The Great Pumpkin Market on Tuesday...)!

With only 2 cash registers, and a handful of friendly employees to guide you around the store, I really feel like an important customer when I shop at the Great Pumpkin Market. Everyone who works there is knowledgeable about the products, and lead you in the right direction for your purchases. All in all, it's an intriguing store with a goldmine of nutritional, natural and organic products. The price tag on these items still rival "economical) (which is true, no matter where you go), but at the Great Pumpkin Market, every penny is worth it. It is nice when everything you are looking for is all in one place (and you are supporting local independent business).

If you head out to look around the Great Pumpkin Market, leave a note or email me, and let me know about your experience!

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