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May 19, 2009

West Chester Grower's Market Weekend Review

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

The Farmer's Market this past Saturday was in full form. Although it was grey and a little bit misty, it was packed with wonderful people and bountiful produce. My daughter loved checking out the baby sheep (I guess they are called Lambs, correct?). All 3 of them were huddled together, enjoying being the center of attention. They resided between the Sheep Cheese Stand (I unfortunately didn't catch the proper name - I will try next week) and Jeff's Chile Spot. Both were great to sample. I'd never had Sheep Cheese before, but it wasn't bad. Much like Feta without the stingy tang. The Pepper spreads were great - we bought a Sweet Red Pepper Habanero Jam, and my sister bought a Strawberry Habanero Pepper Jam. My husband was brave enough to try their hottest hot sauce. I was not...

We moved forward and bought some Sugar Snap Peas and Butter Lettuce, which have made great salads (as we eagerly wait for our garden lettuce to grow!) Ellen April's Soap stand lured us in, and we purchased a huge Peppermint Soap bar. It has been SO exhilerating to wake up to in the morning. I was surprised to find that one bar of her soap should last upwards of 1 month in the shower. Sweet! There are so many soap "flavors" I want to try, but I will pace myself. We've gotten some nice samples, which are the handsoaps we are using in the bathrooms. One of them is called Ocean Breeze, which I love the smell of. I'm eyeing up some other products for purchase....

Lastly, we sampled some Pinot Noir from Stargazer's Vineyard. They will be back at the Grower's Market in 2 weeks (1st and 3rd Saturdays). We want to grab up some Merlot next time they are around!

With Memorial Day weekend coming up this weekend, we are excited to see what wares the vendors have to offer. I will be sure to let you know how our visit goes, but I hope that you will visit the Market yourself! If you can't make it down to West Chester, try out the Phoenixville Farmer's Market (Stargazer's Vineyard will be there this weekend!).

Buy Fresh, Buy Local!

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