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March 8, 2016

Fresh Meal Kits at GIANT

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post.

Some days, I just can't keep up.

With, like, life.

And by "some days" I mean "every day."

Can I get an amen?

Since starting this blog as a stay-at-home mom (thus the name of the blog), I've transitioned to part-time work-at-home mom (WAHM). But I made the recent leap to being a full time WAHM. And friends? 

It's daunting. 

And perhaps I should come up with a better name for the blog, eh?

With an increased work load, a steady parenting load and the endless load of keeping house I am overloaded. The laundry pile never gets smaller, and although I try to stay on top of meal planning, some days we get to 5pm and I look around wondering who will be cooking tonight.

Oh. Right. Me. Hai.

I know a lot of families have opted for meal services that deliver pre-packed ingredients and a recipe right to your door. And that's nice and great. BUT. I don't want to commit to this kind of service, as I often need to decide in a moment that dinner needs to happen. Ideally, I'd be able to get the same pre-packed service, but have it available for direct purchase at my grocery store.

Which is why Giant is, as always, my BFF.


Like, for real people. The Giant Fresh Meal Kits are a godsend to overwhelmed and overburdened individuals and families alike. There is a fantastic variety of meal options, they are available at select Giant stores in the Philadelphia area and they are AFFORDABLE. Each Meal Kit is $14.99 and feeds 2 people, and 2 kits are a steal at $24.99. 

That's less than going out for dinner!

We are fortunate enough that our local Giant offers the Meal Kits, so we took them for a spin.

The meal options were tantalizing, and included:
  • Pan seared chicken breast with creamy mushroom sauce, garlic roasted green beans and seasoned wild rice.
  • Baked chicken parmesan with rosemary Yukon gold potato wedges and fresh ratatouille.
  • Mini Italian style meatloaf with couscous and fresh vegetables.
  • Peppercorn steak with creamy blue cheese sauce, chive mashed potatoes, and garlic roasted broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Pan seared boneless pork chops with apple and honey mustard sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

You can imagine it was hard to choose.

We went with the Peppercorn Steak. And it was a great choice. Upon arriving at home, we opened up our Meal Kit, and I absolutely loved how everything was perfectly portioned and packaged. 

The instructions were included, and I found them simple and easy to read. 

Whipping the meal up was a cinch and, might I add, delicious. I am actually eager to try the other meal packs!

This is such a fantastic option for those who want a fresh at-home meal but don't have the time to scour Pinterest for recipes and gathering the ingredients at the store. Thank you, Giant, for doing it for us!

The Fresh Meal Kits can be found in select Giant's in the Philadelphia area as well as the Peapod delivery service.

For more information, visit Giant Food Stores online.

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