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February 16, 2016

Nonnabox: The Subscription Box for Italians!

Italy is in my blood.


A large portion of my heritage is Italian, and from my loud-mouthed ways to my love for pasta, it's hard to deny. 

So when I heard there was an Italian-themed subscription box, I was all, "HOLD ON. LET ME WIPE THE GRAVY OFF MY FACE AND CHECK THIS OUT."

Meet Nonnabox.

Guido Pedrelli, founder of Nonna Box, gets the Italy love. He's a US-based Italian with a Nonna (grandmother) who ran a trattoria in San Carlo di Cesena. She was an amazing cook, and Guido has fond memories of her kitchen and her food. 

To honor her spirit and commitment to all things culinary, Guido created Nonnabox: a subscription box service that delivers gourmet food items from a different Italian region each month, along with the story and recipes of a local nonna.


I had a chance to check out last month's Nonnabox. And this Italian girl was QUITE pleased! Feast your eyes on my haul:

I love that every item has a recipe to accompany it! It allows me to truly use every product.

Nonnabox makes an AWESOME gift: either to someone else OR yourself! The monthly price for a box is $69.95, and you can order online.

For more information:

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